Prop, Deca, EQ Cycle

Hey guys,
New to this forum and this is my first post. Just started a cycle that includes:
Test prop 600mgs/wk 1.5cceod
Eq 600mgs/wk . 7cc eod
Deca 400mgs/wk . 4cc eod
Injecting all in same pin

Pct will be nova and clomid possibly some hgc.
Also running arimidex . 25mg ed and have some letro on hand.

Will be running the cycle for 16 weeks. First two weeks halfed the dosage of test but will be bumping it up at the third week. Injections I have with are a rotation of right quad left quad right glute left glute. Started with 22g but will be moving to 25s because of comfort reasons. 1" pins 1.5" glutes

23 years old 3 cycle
first was test 250 and whinny short cycle
Second was test e cycle for 10 weeks.
Been lifting for 4 years started at 130 pounds and and now sitting at 190 around 15% bf.

Diet as of right now consists of about 8 meals a day.
1- protien shake
2- 2 cups of oatmeal with fruit
3,4,5- chicken breast or ground beef with a cup of rice and normally a salad or veggies with two of those.
6- 2 peanut butter and banana sandwiches
7- chicken breast cup of rice salad or veggies
8- protein shake
Allow no more than 3 cheat meals a week.

Reason why choose this cycle because of test deca has been around for a long time. Added eq for the appetite increase mainly and the vascularity and hardness are a bonus.:slight_smile:

Main concern is getting some blood work done in a couple weeks when I get home from work and after pct. Would like to have some vets take a look and just make sure everything is in check.
Wont be posting photos but will keep the thread updated.

Any comments are much appreciated cheers.

I would take prop ED, EQ and deca in two dosses per week. HCG is during cycle not after.

You could also have some Cabergoline on hand in case you experience 19-nor related side effects.