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Prop/Cyp Stack Protocall ?


Looking for a standard protocall . a doctor will is actualy helping me with this cycle since it is my first . I have searched high and low but i cant find much on this stack . Im sure someone will ask for stats so here i is .

6ft 200lb 30yrs
Many years in gym
Diet is the bomb
Tried out trt because test levels was like 205 but i cant afford 70$shots every 10 days . After reading this board for months realised trt wouldnt give me what i needed anyways ! The doc knows how to do the cycle and i do trust him as he has done many cycles himself . We got clomid and all that good stuff . Im just asking you guys what you think about the protocall for a little reasurance . im going to post before and after pics for everyone . So what yall got !?


Thats because that aint a stack, your running test and test just different esters. There is a common way that both of these are used in a cycle but I got a feeling that that isnt the way you intend on using them so before I answer this question why dont you tell us why you want to run these 2 testosterones? where did you come up with the idea? How do YOU think they should be ran?


Thanks . Ok you got me . It actualy isnt a stack im not sure why i used that word . Im thinking one is a short and the other is a long chain . So instead of using an oral like dbol we would use prop as a kick start until the cyp kicks in . sound right ? Showing my newby colors huh.


You can either run the prop as a kickstart for 3-4 weeks, or you could just frontload the cyp.

What cycle length are you proposing? Lay out what you had in mind.


These options are both correct but if this is your first cycle then I wouldnt recommend either of them...
Prop is not to be used as a first cycle because it needs to be pinned a minimum of EOD and it is very common to have PIP especially in virgin muscle and with out the experience of injecting, therefore you need to be able to have multiple injection sites...
Frontloading is also not advised until atleast your second cycle...
Just run the Cyp the way its supposed to be ran and wait the 4 weeks for it to kick in...



Actualy bigskwatta all i realy wanted to do was cyp to begin with i let doc talk me into buying prop also . i think i will just do cyp . After posting this thread i went to him just to chat about the cycle and he is saying i need to run both for the whole 10wk cycle ! Now im no vet in this game but i have done a good bit of research on these two types and i dont see what the benefits would be after the cyp starts working ?

For a beginner would you guys recomend he not stack at all . I mean i can get whatever gear i want with ease .

Also i see you can get cyp/prop combo ? whats that all about ?


Your post sucks. Just saying

Whats the difference between a first timer or a ten year vet pinning EOD? Nothing.

Pain? lol. who gives a shit about some pain. people that have painful reactions to prop will get that same reaction whether its the first time using steroids or the 12th.

Frontloading is not advised until at least the second cycle? Says who? You? Why?


REALLY? so you would advise for a first time cycle EOD pinning? and frontloading? You think that site rotation should be attemped on your first cycle, were talking about EOD prop with PIP site rotation? Cant say ive ever read a sticky with that kind of advice, and just cause your saying its OK doesnt mean I agree.


Is your reasoning simply because its not found in a sticky ?


Dont answer my questions with rhetorical ones of your own.

OBVIOUSLY Im saying EOD or even ED injections for a first timer is not an issue. If thats what a person wants to do, why not? If the person would rather use an longer ester, great, but it's simply a preference.


You do realize that cyp is best injected every 3 days, right? Or twice a week at the very least.

And I guess you forgot to include why you think frontloading is an issue. Answer that as well. Please


What is "PIP"?


Oops, typed advice in wrong spot

"I personally see no issue with frontloading

I wouldn't bother with the option of the prop on first cycle as a kickstart though. ED injections suck anyway, even worse on a first cycle. "

was supposed to be at the bottom.


Is this dude a real doctor? God I hope not, but I don't doubt it... if he is the one selling it to you, chances are he just wanted to sell you more shit, honestly.

You don't need both kinds the whole ten weeks. Once your body cleaves off the ester, they are exactly the same. The ester just affects the time release.

If you already have the prop, you could either

1) Save it for the next cycle, and just frontload with cyp this time
2) Use it as a kickstart for the cyp
3) Use it at the end for the last few weeks on cyp, and bridge to PCT, so you only have to wait a few days after your last shot, instead of a 2 weeks.

For what it is worth, PIP (post injection pain) is not always present with prop. I have used 100% painless prop, that is 100% legit.


So site rotation isn't okay on the first cycle? Because he should only hit one site, every time?
Or, he could go ahead and learn new sites, and prevent scar tissue buildup by rotating sites, regardless of what he chooses to use, and how often he has to inject, accordingly.

Even if it is every day injections, he could easily have more than enough EASY sites to hit.
Both ventrogluteals, both triceps, both delts, both quads... 8 sites. All easy to hit. And all can be learned in a 30 minutes on google.

Also, while post injection pain is pretty normal on the first few injections of anything, none of it should be crippling. If your prop is causing significant pain, I suggest you find a new source for your prop. No reason it shouldn't be painless, or at the very least, almost painless.


Some people get pain regardless of BA content. Or purity. SEems like the prop ester causes pain for some.


I dont give a shit if you like my advice or not, personally I dont like yours on this thread, we can get along or we cant doesnt really matter to me im not looking to make friends, just passing along info that ive been taught or learned the hard way.


So you have no reply to any of the questions asked of you? Great.

Tnation appreciates your input.


Im definitely not trying to be your friend. Youre simply being asked to give a basis for your opinion.



You know bonez ive been a member here on T-Nation for about a year, had close to a hundred posts some of them searching for info some of them giving it back, I had to change my profile info due to security reasons. So I know that it is common for you to start shit with people, so be it if thats your thing...Now you aint asking questions like your trying to learn somethiong cause everything I posted you know, so its more like your attacking rather than helping, which im really not interested in...Im a MOD on another site and do this shit all day, the information I provided was sound, I would never tell a newb to run a short ester for a first cycle, and really if you dont know how to run a cycle I sure in the hell aint gonna advise them to frontload...PIP is post site injection pain...Frontloading I never advise unless you have experience with that compound and know what sides you might endure...As far as pinning yeah who cares about a little pain, are you really serious? asking me why this isnt a good idea to recommend on a first cycle? its so obvious im not even gonna answer it...