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Proofread My Cycle


So i'm in the process of gathering my AAS for my first cycle. I like to think that I've done my research and just want someone with experience to correct anything/give suggestions or point out anything i missed. The purpose of the cycle is too add as much muscle weight as possible and improve my big 3, added bodyfat or water retention isn't something i'm too concerned about.

I have a fast metabolism and am eating 3500ish cals a day and 250g of protein or so right now, on cycle my diet will be 4300-4500 cals and 300+ grams of protein.

week 1-5: Dbol at 30mg ED
week 1-12: Test e 250mg E3D
Arimidex: .25mg ED

Pct- Clomid: 150/100/100/50
Nolva: 40/40/20/20

my only question is whether arimidex, clomid and nolva are all necessary for these doses? if i only had access to two of them would it be wiser to use a-dex during cycle and only clomid for PCT? or would it be better to not use an AI on cycle, (nolva incase of gyno symptoms of course) and use both nolva and clomid for PCT?

I will buy all 3 if it is truly the safer route, but I dont want to spend extra money if its just overkill.. i hope to gain about 30 pounds from the cycle, and keep a solid 20



Why are you taking Clomid and Nolva? Nolva alone should be fine for PCT. You still need an AI during your cycle to control estrogen - a SERM will not do that. If estrogen is under control, gyno should not be a problem.


some people say that arimidex can have a negative impact on muscle gain by lowering estrogen too much, and that if you are not prone to sides you should leave it out, does anyone with experience have an opinion on this? I'm only using moderate doses and I'm bulking so i dont really care about water retention, so i'm not sure if i'm better off to use the adex or just keep it on hand. maybe .25mg E3D would be my best bet?


Use it at a low dose from the beginning as you planned above. Id just do .5mg eod or e3d-it might be easier to dose if its that tiny ass tab.

If your nipples get itchy or puffy, or your face begins to blow up like the moon and you dont like how it looks, then up the dose a little. So lets say you do .5mg e3d. if you increase it increase to .5mg eod. I doubt you'll need more than .5 eod to be honest.

And x2 on that PCT. choose one or the other, no need for both. Most like nolva cause its sides are lowere/non existant. Clomid can make you 'sensitive' at a higher dose like 100mg+. Im trying Clomid this time for my pct just to see if its any better than nolva, for me.

BTW you can find all these answers/input by doing a little searching. id suggest you still go out and search even with these things beeing given to you.


Estrogen does help build muscle. Keep E2 in the normal range and dont worry about what could have been. High E2 does not feel nice at all.


thanks Daja, that cleared up my concern. I found alot of conflicting info about whether an AI is required or not. I have done a lot of research so far and will continue to up until my cycle.. I realize this forum really hates on people who expect all of the basic info to be given to them when it is so easily available, which I think is great.

I can't stand people who are planning to do a cycle but are too lazy to learn anything about it... if you can't spend a few hours reading then how in the fuck would you expect to stick to a good enough diet to even make gains

My roommate was going to do a Dbol only cycle (which i told him was stupid) and he was asking me a bunch about Dbol... i told him to just type it into wikipedia and he goes "i hate reading stuff like that"... after that I didnt bother trying to teach him about it, cause i knew he was gonna fuck it up anyway