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Proof The Pandemic Was Planned With a Purpose?

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Huh, that’s one helluva well planned, coordinated, and carried out conspiracy. And not a single whistleblower. Amazing.

It’s so easy when you slow it down. A rapper, a comic book, the Olympic Games showing a preview. The proof is undeniable if you throw everything that mentions illness in a stew.

Did you not see what the rapper said in 2012? He was blowing the whistle before whistles were invented.

Also films! Films have talked about viruses. About bad things happening in made up scenarios! Were they made up in the minds of humans to entertain for money? Or were they WARNING SIGNS FOR THE FUTURE! Follow the yellow brick road? It’s a warning about control. Do as we say!

Comics! Rappers! Slabs of Stone! Wuhan! Wu-Tang Clan! Bill Gates! Watergate!


God… Dammit…

Freedumb of speech I guess.


Playing a bit fast and loose with the word “proof” there man.

Have I told you about this incredible bridge I have for sale? I think you’ll really like it, can be transported anywhere.


@SkyzykS @bulldog9899

Sup dudes, check this thread out :rofl:

I’ll pass… dont believe i can stay civil.

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Refer to post #4 (I wasn’t civil)

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Your wife improving ?


Yes she is… still dealing with some iminor issues . Head ache… dizziness and minor nausea on occasion.

Hell yesterday at work I found out im still not recovered 100%. Did a job that required me to physically exert myself slightly and I had to sit down because I was winded. Mind you beforehand it was somthing that normally would not phase me.

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I wish you/your wife a full, speedy recovery.

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I think its best that I dont… since I’m touchy on the subject matter.

Understandable, I was joking around to begin with as I have trouble taking this particular thread seriously

To still deny the existence of covid-19 and/or cater towards bullshit conspiracy theories at this point with right around 300k dead in the USA alone is ludicrous and disrespectful. One exception can be made for Borat Sagdihev whose character sung an anti-semitic, distasteful folk tune about covid-19. Watch the ending of borat subsequent moviefilm, the film in its entirety is incredibly crass and certainly isn’t for everyone. The ending however is extremely amusing as it purposefully caters towards covid-19 conspiracy theorists.

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Thanks. Appreciate it

That’s good to hear.

Regarding you, l have felt that same way since a few weeks back. It makes me think l have been hit with a mild case. Just haven’t had (or made) the time to get tested. Like l suddenly don’t have the fortitude to push through, but have to sit and rest.

Either way - get well to you both.


Thank you … I know several guys who have been suspicious they might have had a mild case.

Yeah I hear the conspiracy theories regarding it and they have even more holes in them then ones regarding :alien: .

Yeah. Saw it, Put the OP on ignore.

I don’t entertain this type of bullshit.

Other kinds, sure. This kind, nope.


I’m finding it hard not to kick someone in the balls at work when I hear the shit.


I only work with a few people, but they also understand what’s at stake and how it may affect others.

My boss/buddy (I dunno how you’d define that type of work relationship) told me to take as much time as needed-between medical stuff and this recent spike, there are too many things that can/will go wrong.

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