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Proof Is Here...

that BB.com forums are the WORST.

I reposted the Steroid Myths and Teenagers thread there, and I got banned within 20 minutes.

Here, people actually respect opinions and give solid advice.

I joined today to compare the forums…

FUCK BB.com, FUCK “Vadim Beliaev” over there as well.

/short rant

You made 64 posts IN ONE DAY ???
Holy cripes.
I wouldn’t be to pushed about bb.com. let them do their thing T-Nation will do theirs.

No…? I think close to a week, why? Most were in my log, or threads relating to my upcoming log…

reposting Steroid Myths and Teenagers thread isn’t such a good thing for a comunity, most stupid teens will read that and think “well, may a should start juicing”

Reading something online like that won’t completely influence their decision.

They either go to the forums knowing theyre going to juice and they want to know how to juice… which is WHY it’s important for everyone to advise them against it until they are ready and why. Or they go to the forums knowing that they are doing and looking to fine tune things. (Yours truly, I like to think.)

It’s critical that we tell people who don’t know their shit that they shouldn’t use yet because they need to know everything about what they’re doing first, if they’re going to make the most gains and protect themselves.
Telling someone they can’t do it because they are too young makes them want to do it more! As a 19 year old I can tell you this is very very true.
If you tell them here is why… that’s something they can change (their knowledge), and they’ll usually change it and come back.

lol I’m not surprised. It’s a touchy subject. Many of the steroid boards are like that. They have one train of thought, and don’t like to go outside of it.

Elitefitness is similar.