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Proof Gay Marriage is Wrong

[quote]Chris Aus wrote:
ZEB wrote:
You have sort of an “owned” fixation huh?

I have given stats which demonstrate that gays have:

Higher suicide rate

Higher depression and anxiety rate.

Higher rate of AIDS and STD’s.

Higher rate of domestic problems.

You have done nothing but post that you “own” everyone.

Those are problems with being gay not gay mariage…[/quote]

Actually, statistically there are problems with those who call themselves “gay” and staying in long term relationships. Please review my earlier posts.

Beyond that:

There are many other reasons not to allow gay marriage. many or most of them have been discussed on this thread. I think you should reread some of my earlier posts. Those posts cover; tradition, religion, social mores and of course health statistics.

As to the health statistics: Do you think that we would see a rise in same sex attraction or a decrease in that particular BEHAVIOR if we allowed gay marriage?

Remember Chris, we don’t know how or why people become gay. Be careful here.

Furthermore, I think the onus should be on those attempting to change a 5000+ year old instituion to give very good reasons to do so. Thus far I have
not seen any, here or at a national level.

That is one reason (and only one) why polls show that on average 70% of all people are against gay marriage. And also in the 16 or so states which have offered a gay marriage as a referendum all have been soundly dfeated by wide margins. Texas just defeated one by 77%!

Our rural health problem tends to revolve around the fact that by and large they have a lower poverty level. Surely you are not comparing rural poverty to the epidemic which seems to have swallowed up the gay community.

The National Rural Health Association
States the following:

“Rural residents tend to be poorer. On the average, per capita income is $7,417 lower than in urban areas, and rural Americans are more likely to live below the poverty level. The disparity in incomes is even greater for minorities living in rural areas. Nearly 24% of rural children live in poverty.”

Knowing the above should we try to place more people in this environment? Or, should we try to assist them in brining up their standard of living. I think you know the answer to this. We should never push people into situations that are physically or emotionally unhealthy.

I covered this in a post at the top of this page you apparently missed it. Here it is again:

"Being black is genetic and no more dangerous than being white or Asian. While there are some disorders that effect each race differently, that is not the question.

I would guess that a contributing factor in the shorter black life span is poverty. If that is the case would you encourage or discourage blacks to come out of poverty?

I think we need to assist any group who has obvious disadvantages below the national average.

Those who participate in same sex activity are displaying a (ready for the word again) BEHAVIOR which is apparently dangerous (looking at all of the statistics)."

[quote]Should african american, american indians, australian aboriginals, most minorities not be allowed to marry either?

Please don’t compare the struggles of those born into poverty to the American’s who have a same sex attraction. They are as different as night and day.

One is a behavior and the other genetic. No amount of comparison makes any sense.

Again, it’s not that “being” any of the above is a bad or dangerous thing. It is the circumstances in which they live, or are subjected to that make their situations sometimes unhealthy. Furthermore, no one is advocating that we promote more rural or urban poverty.

Promoting same sex attraction via marriage is inherently asking for more of the same (see the many health stats that I have posted).

It seems that statistically gay people, by their behavior, have chosen a life of pain both physically and mentally. It is the responsibility of “gay” leaders to help these people. But unfortunately all we get from this group is them insisting that they “are born that way.”

And any sort of demonstration of those in the Psychological profession which counter “gay logic” have been attacked. This has become so politically charged that common sense is now replaced with political correctness. This unfortunately means that there is no help coming to gays from their very own leaders! Sad!

Also, as you know by now there is no conclusive proof that anyone is born with a same sex attraction. And in fact through numerous studies it has been shown that those with same sex attraction can get help and become healthy functioning heterosexuals-IF they really want to.

Hopefully you now see the difference between the examples that you have given and the situation with those with same sex attraction.