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Prone Y's (Lower Trapezius)


So i've been doing these for a while and getting no stimulation in my lower trapezius atall, instead it feels as if the lats are depressing the scapular rather then the trapezius. Is this because of tight lats, and what should i do?


Have a video?

One common thing I see when people do this exercise is they use wayyy too much weight. It's really not an exercise you can lift much weight on.


A little late here, but I do these all the time and have never used more than 10 pounds. I bench over 400. If you feel your upper trap when doing them, it shouldn't be scrunched and tight.


Well, the exercise does work the upper traps though.


A little, but it's the difference between the UT barely being on and dominating the movement, because it will do the movement basically by itself if you let it. But if there is no scapular elevation, there's not much UT activity. I participated in an EMG study with this exercise and was able to effectively deactivate the UT.