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Pronator Teres and Brachioradialis Injury?


I have pain in my forearms much of the time, that I always attributed to tendonitis - along the lines of lateral epicondylitis (golfer's elbow). But I think I messed up last night. I got my wife's car stuck in a ditch. I had to grip the front bumper and lift while pushing to get it out. I now have very bad pain at the right, lateral forearm. It hurts to try to straighten the elbow or supinate/pronate the forearm. Pronation is worse. By palpation and muscle challenge, it seems I've injured the brachioradialis and the pronator teres muscles. NSAID's and ice help some, and I think I'll be OK in a few days, but I'm curious if anybody has had a similar injury. I especially want to figure out what I need to do to get my forearms healthier. Curls hurt a ton, and they even flair up a little with the elbow flexion that accompanies rowing and pulling movements. Any suggestions?


First off golfer's elbow is on the medial aspect. Eccentric contraction seems to be what everyone is jumping on for tendonitis/tendonosis issues as far as active rehab goes.


That exercise has done well in both clinical trials and patients that I work with that have lateral epicondylitis, but it doesn't sound like you have that. I know everyone likes picking up heavy shit on this site (myself included) but try some eccentric band work with the pronation and supination and if there is any adhesions or scar tissue in the offending muscles get that worked out. Ice is nice, and I prefer taking bromelain on an empty stomach to deal with inflammation.

I urge you not to 'work through the pain' as this will probably set you back further. I personally would rather spend a week or two fixing the problem then be set back for a longer time further down the road because I tried to be a tough guy.

Sorry so vague, and nothing personal, but I prefer to be hands on when I give advice. Nothing against your self-diagnosis.


OK, I feel pretty silly mixing up Golfer's and Tennis elbow. But, thanks for the reply and suggestion. This type of suggestion is what I'm looking for.


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I wouldn't worry about it. What I find irritating is everyone that ever invented an orthopedic test has to name it after themselves for the most part. Hope you get it resolved.


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Or, name it something very obvious, but in Latin.