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pronated wide grip chins

Why do wide grip pull-ups get my outer pecs sore insted of my lats??? Happens every time. Hope you have something on this.

If you’re keeping your elbows out in front of you doing wide grip pull-ups then your pecs are going to be involved pulling your arms inward. Keep the elbows flaired out to your sides when doing wide grip, and you’ll find that your rhomboids and lats get most of the load.

The pecs are involved in the adduction of the upper arm, so they will get hit somewhat from different types of chins.

Just a guess and perhaps a question here. Do you round the back as you pull-up or are you arching? At the top of your movement, you’re shoulder blades should be pinched together (scapular region). Most people that I’ve seen doing this one have the worst the form. The rounding forward with the back/shoulders takes away so much from the involvement of the back.
Try the pinch and take it slow. You’re back will GROW!

Yes I’m keping my elows to the side. And I use super strict form and usualyy a 311 tempo. I have to admit I`m not a benching fan so I may have weaker pecs…

To add to what BodyIQ said, if you’re one of those people who do their pullups to the back of the neck rather than putting their chin over the bar (a classc arniedid exercise), then your pecs will be more involved. Try it the “normal” way and see if you feel a difference.

Lean your head back a bit and concentrate on pulling your sternum to the bar.

Obviously you don’t have super strict form or else there wouldn’t be a problem.

Might it be a prob with the range of motion in the pec minor and/or major?

I’m guessing(since I can’t see what you’re doing)that there’s a possiblity your pec minor is getting sore.You could have your shoulders forward(pulling in from pec)because of a weak muscle(likely rotator cuff).My brother had the same problem for a short while,a good program for the external rotators took care of it.