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Promising Blood Results on New Protocol

I switched from a once every 2 weeks 300mg test shot to a one every week 100mg shot.

After 6 weeks on the new weekly protocol, my bloods are (at trough, right before next shot):

Testosterone,Total, 583 ng/dL 250-1100
Testosterone,Free 142.8 pg/mL 35.0-155.0

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 27 nmol/L 10-50
Estradiol,Ultrasensitive 28 pg/mL < Or = 29

My old bloods had my free test low normal and my e2 at 49!! So this is a step in the right directions. It’s interesting as on this new protocol my trough days right before blood test I feel great! Must be that e2 number.

I am switching things up further and starting twice weekly 50mg shots.

It’s interesting as right after my 100mg shot I feel somewhat crappy… but more towards trough I start to feel great. Hoping splitting shots up moreso will keep more of that good feeling (AND HOPEFULLY I"LL FEEL A SEX DRIVE).

Just was excited and needed to share.

You’re going to feel like crap after a protocol change, unavoidable.

I agree. But for me, I always feel lousy after my shots, and then gradually feel better up to the next shot. My point is that I believe it is the higher e2 after shot that causes this.

Ive read that some feel better closer to the date of their next shot. This has to be because of e2 lowering along with test.

Hoping I can get some libido with the change to twice weekly shots.

This is how I felt in the beginning, it took a few months for it to smooth out and become consistent. Everything is not E2 related, it’s just your body attempting to adapt to each injection. You must maintain E2 levels within 20-30 pg/mL at all times, even then it’s likely to take several months for erections to reach 100 percent.

It’s not E2 related just after an injection, it takes your body at least a few days to a week to notice changes in E2 levels.

Do labs always halfway between injections to reduce effects of lab timing on the results.

You have not discussed E2 management.

You gave a huge number of threads now and I can’t go fishing to see what we have covered before.


Relax KSman. I don’t expect you to go “fishing”.

I’m not doing anything for e2 management yet. I do have arimidex on hand. My thought is to switch to twice weekly at 50mg/shot and retest after about 6-8 weeks. Then, readjust test level if need be, up or down. I’m trying to not have to use AI if I can get numbers good… and of course physical results.

My original reason behind trt was because I haven’t felt a libido is about 20 years. I am secondary.

Happy that I had blood taken on a day when I felt pretty good, so I can capture levels that specific date.