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Promethazine/Clonazepam Kills Sex Drive? Clomid Decreasing Test?

hey, guys…does anyone know why promethazine and clonazepam both kill sex drive? another question: since I’m running clomid for months, it it possible these other 2 drugs counteract the LH and FSH surge, thus decreasing my testosterone levels in a lab test?

CNS depressants can cause loss of sex drive. Fairly common for benzos (although I have not noticed this effect in me personally). Best way to avoid it is to avoid the drug.

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I second this.

Used benzos for years best decision I ever made was getting off them. My mental clarity and quality of life went up ten fold.

That is of course after withdrawal,horrible rebound anxiety, sleepless nights etc. It was all worth it in the end tho.

hey, guys…thank you. yeah, agree with both of you. The issue is sometimes, for me, it gets impossible to sleep due to calorie restriction (cutting diet) so I take let’s say 6 mg of clonazepam but recently I’ve noticed that even on Clomid, my sex drive got into the ocean more than titanic and before that clonazepam stuff I don’t recall it…

but can it drop my testosterone levels down in my blood or it is just a fairy tale? I don’t consider myself an addicted to that stuff, I can drop it anytime I want, the problem is that I don’t sleep if I do lol (even before clonazepam it is always like that on a cutting diet)

Opiates killed my sex drive and made me unable to orgasm. Girls loved it the first 30 minutes but after another hour that shit got old. Suboxone wasn’t much better. I used benzos recreationally in my early 20s and was able to have sex but was usually blackout drunk and don’t remember much. At the time it seemed like the thing to do. Young and dumb… All of that is one of the reasons I’m on TRT.

Fairy tale. Benzos work on a different pathway, so they don’t have any effect on hormones in that way. (Yes, yes, yes, there can be downstream effects from any drug, but that’s not what we’re talking about here)

You used benzos while blackout drunk? That’s quite a dangerous combination, if the respiratory depression doesn’t get ya first the extensive inhibition lowering nature of both drugs might. I know a kid who broke his hand punching another kid in the face when on a combination of Xanax and alcohol, then again I know many who have gotten into booze fueled physical altercations as the drinking culture here is ridiculous.

For some reason binge drinking seems to be widely accepted here by both older and younger populaces alike. I know of a few kids with extremely ignorant, far right wing opinions regarding narcotics, sexual health advocacy and whatnot (all drug addicts should die, anyone who uses illicit substances are retarded) yet these kids go to parties on a weekly to bi-weekly basis and get so fucking smashed they end up falling asleep on a patch of grass somewhere covered in their own vomit and/or bodily fluids (I’ve seen people piss themselves drunk, it’s pretty disgusting). Seriously, interacting with drunk people is not fun, unless you’re drunk youreself, the myriad of deleterious effects, both acute and chronic that consumption of ethanol has is unparalleled to even most illicit substances.

These kids somehow don’t realise the hypocrisy of their actions, and furthermore the fact that their enforce their highly ignorant, biased and anti-science… opinions on others pisses me off, how can you possibly judge me for smoking a joint at a party and chilling out at a fireplace when you’re too busy punching some other dude and starting fights then vomiting all over the place because you’re so pissed the idea of fighting some random stranger seems like a good idea (seriously the amount of alcohol induced fights I’ve seen is astounding, there appears to be a select few where alcoholic beverages REALY brings out the worst in them)

Rant over… wow that seems like an unusually detailed example

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hey, guys…thanks so much for your answers. so I’m struggling with T issues for a while, I don’t want to go on TRT since I’m 33 years old and I swear, I’m on Clomid for like 3, 4 months now and days ago my libido was so high that my penis was getting hard like a teenager, even started to hurt when I masturbate, it was amazing…and some days my libido is totally dead, like today and yesterday. Why can’t my sex drive be higher like those days I’ve mentioned? is there any hormonal explanation? is it because of clonazepam? is it because of my SHBG that could be higher? is it promethazine because of my hives? again, I don’t want to enter TRT, here in Brazil the docs are dumb and don’t update themselves like in US, so their dosages are pretty “standard”.

For what it’s worth that is a hefty dose of clonozepam to be taking nightly. Furthermore clonazepam has a half life of up to two days. It’s generally used for anxiety maintenance for the reason it builds up in your system.

If your going to insist on taking benzos for sleep I would strongly suggest looking into a shorter half life benzo such as Ativan or Xanax at a much lower dose.

I have to stress one more time using benzos for sleep is a really bad idea. Your working your way down a rabbit hole that can be miserable to get out of.


Life is about balance so be sure to take some time every now and then to make some bad decisions. That way when you’re 35+ you’ll have some good stories to talk about on the weekends after you worked 60 hours and finally have a night with the boys.

I have plenty of stories, however not many of them involve myself if we’re taking about recreational drug use, typically the stories (of which I’ve been in reeeaaallly bad situations) stem from stupidity on another parties of which i’d be with at the time, like having to take a kid to the ER due to alcohol poisoning (I was sober)… I suppose that’s not much of a story, although the house got raided by the cops as they suspected drug use and apparently SUSPICION of drug use in one’s own home is grounds for cops to raid said house (this was in America… Recently)

Regarding myself I have two stories, however I’m not one for recreational drug use aside from cannabis, I don’t even drink occasionally anymore (and the drinking age here is 18, younger for private property), I’ve never used anything (recreationally) besides alcohol and marijuana.

Then there’s the non drug related stories, despite my penchant for social anxiety and fear of cardiovascular disease, I am rather suprisingly known as being somewhat of a thrill seeker, this leads to me engaging in rather risky activities or activities others would find insane or absurd in the chase for a rush of adrenaline. The second time I went skiing i’d decided it would be a good idea to ski down slopes of black diamond status, I could give a myriad of other examples however they’d make me seem like I have a lack of common sense.

I’m going to Europe after I graduate, I intend to fully let lose there for the couple months I spend there… So long that my actions don’t risk serious penalty. That being said I’ll never use cocaine, opiates or benzodiazepines recreationally (never is a tricky subject, however those specific three, from my analysis are far too risky and thus I believe with certainty that with regards to recreational use I will never ingest these)

I’ve been given the option to make terrible decisions many, many times, typically with regard to being offered illicit substances or the option to engage in criminal activity, I’ve always said no as potential consequences concern me. However I do agree there is a time and a place for everything, and unlike many, who tend to be far more irresponsible the younger they are, I find the older I’m getting, I become less rigid and more open to the idea of experimentation with regard to certain ideologies, subjects and whatnot.

Being more open to adventure and having some semblance of medical knowledge, at this current time i’m willing to accept the fact that there’s a very good chance I’ll make some bad decisions whilst abroad as certain adventures I deem to have an acceptable risk/reward ratio, I do believe that sometimes experiencing numerous cultures, even participating in activities of which one wouldn’t usually participate in is important for living, rounded life. I’ve found it is good to get out of my comfort zone


Good for you dude! I was never able to sit down and read in my younger years. That’s why I’m in medical device sales and teaching surgeons ortho procedures versus being the surgeon. That said, not sure I’d want the stress of being a surgeon. Sounds like you got the goods to do it though if you wanted to.

I’ve never heard of someone taking 6mg before. I know the tolerance builds up pretty heavily with benzos but damn. 2mg would wipe my memory men-in-black style. I’m sure you know this but when you decide to get off be sure to taper slowly to keep withdrawals to a bare minimum.

If I was to go down the medical route endocrinology would probably be my preferred route, if surgeon was the route however I’d probably choose cardiac surgeon or (similar, but doesn’t actually perform surgery) anaesthesiology.

It’s the work load that scares me, I get the feeling i’d burn out after a certain amount of 16 hour shifts in residency. I require my afternoon napz

OH SHIT, I HAVE TRIED SOMETHING RECREATIONALLY. Last time I was in America they were selling kratom OTC and I was like “I wonder what that’s all about” and since I was of legal age to purchase I was like “huh, I guess I’ll make this incredibly bad decision as my chronic pain is flaring up at the moment”

it works, but like all opiates and/or opiate derived substances (used via prescription for chronic pain/post surgery pain) I vehemently dislike them

You’re right on the money Zeek. 6 mgs of clonozepam is way to much and its an addicting drug. If he’s taking 6 mgs it’s because he’s been taking it for a while and it has built up a slight resistance to it. .5 mgs takes away anxiety from the body, 1 mg is fantastic for sleeping…6 mgs is what I consider addiction…and it naturally takes away libido. If you don’t mind me asking, what was your experience on Ativan?

Thank you brother

Ativan is an amazing drug if used correctly for medical purposes. It’s a very short acting benzo and it’s not very potent in comparison to Xanax. Altho on paper it claims to be about half as strong but in reality it’s much weaker. This makes it a go to choice for most emergency room doctors for the reason if someone comes in and they believe it’s a panic attack they can dose them on spot and in a few hours by the time they are being discharged they are usually able to drive themselves home. It’s also the go to benzo for alcohol detox usually used for a few days dosed every 4 hours to prevent possible death and other unwanted withdrawal effects of alcohol.

One thing to remember is benzos weren’t designed to be prescribed long term for panic attacks and general anxiety disorder. All medical literature will say for psychologist to prescribe the drug for a maximum of 4-8 weeks while figuring out what is causing the panic attacks or anxiety. And then slowly taper the dose as they treat the root cause. Unfortunately what happens is the exact opposite and people end up hooked on them gradually increasing the dose to become as effective then are left with a nasty addiction.

As far as addiction/recreational purposes Ativan isn’t very fun for many of the reasons stated above. Xanax is usually the gold standard for recreational benzos its very strong and last a solid 6-8 hours. Ativan in comparison would need to be dosed much higher and much more frequently and the peak and drop is much steeper then Xanax. This is also another reason why emergency room doctors use Ativan for drug seekers coming in possibly suffering from benzo withdrawal.

Hi Zeek 1414,

Just saw your response to my question from months ago. I apologize for just now acknowledging your answer. Just got back from a recent deployment and still catching up with everything. It looks like Ativan is a great short term Benzo. I know some brothers who use it and swear by it but they use it for short periods of time. Clonazepam is what we are most commonly prescribed and under very strick oversight. Xanaz is one of my favorites for sleeping and to take off the edge…which is much needed in our line of work. Thank you brother for taking the time to respond. Stay strong