Promax bars are they high or low Gi?

Just wondered if anyone whose tried these knows whether they are made up with a bunch of high or low GI carbs?


I’m not familiar with the promax bars but any processed foods containing carbs (bars, MRP’s, etc) will either use high GI maltodextrin or other sugars or else if advertised as low carb will contain glycerine. Either case - maltodextrin or glycerine - has there own problems and either is not an ideal carb source. No meal replacement bar or shake has a low glycemic carb. Mix cottage cheese, protein powder, and oatmeal for a true low glycemic “MRP”.

Actually, if MRP’s are advertised as low carb, they might very well contain sucralose, which is essentially a sugar with no caloric value.

I’ve tried the Promax bars and they taste like a candy bar with protein. But they are cheap, however they will make you hungry.