I was just wondering if anyone has heard or used, Primobolan ( 4-Acetoxy-4-androstene-3,17-dione), and Testobol
( 4-HydroxyTestosterone THP Ether) from Promatrix…Primobolan is said to be a Aromatase Inhibitor, and Testobol is said to be a naturally occurring anabolic / androgenic compound.
If any one out there can give some info, if not about these two products, about the ingredients used…Thanks

I am not familiar with the compounds, but if the company named their product Primobolan and Testabol I would be immediately suspect, which I am, suspect.

After looking at the chemical structure of their product testobol I realized it is the same thing as a steroid called Oxabolone. Which used to be manufactured under the name Steranabol. I think Promatrix might be breaking the rules.


Dione’s are useless and aromatize, causing estrogen specially since the amounts for ti to be effective are enormous. Bad, the name like the above thread makes it fishy. Fish stinks!!!