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In a recent post one of the guys on here suggested prolotherapy for a cuff injury. I had never heard of it before so i got some info from him and started researching prolotherapy on the net. I read a lot of good things about it and even found a Dr. in my area that does it. The Dr. answered a bunch of my questions and im considering having this kind of therapy done. Has anyone else on here had prolotherapy done on them or know of anyone who's had it?


Boss, I haven't experienced it personally, but have heard good things from someone I respect (her husband is a chiro, and she's a marathon runner that had a bad knee).

Prolotherapy causes an inflammatory response that promotes healing. It is effective with joints, tendons and ligaments. Where I imagine it might not be effective is in a case where there has been a rotator cuff tear and/or where there is a bone spur.