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Prolotherapy - Any Experience Good or Bad?


Anyone? Am I asking poorly? This whole therapy kind of freaks me out and if possible I’d really like to talk to someone who’s been through it. Anyone around?


hey man i separated my right sc joint a few years ago and since then the few things that have helped as far as pain and stiffness are physio and acupuncture for certain areas of my pecs, traps, and shoulders. i havent tried prolotherapy out of fear because the joint is pretty complex. with an anterior separation im assuming that the targets would be the anterior sc ligament and costoclavicular ligament (attaches to first rib), but thers also an intraarticular disk that idk how it would be reached cuz its inside the joint itself i think. its very complicated and tough to deal with cuz of the multiple attachment points of the bone. hopefully someone who’s been through it responds soon but i read arcadiafades’s study a while back. its pretty in depth


Hey Jonathan I think I might be in in a similar situation as you. Years ago I was thrown to the mat in wrestling and landed on my shoulder/collarbone. Only diagnosis at the time was a cracked collarbone and torn rotator cuff. Did PT but the pain remained/lingered. Long story short eventually found a prolotherapist who figured out that I had damage to the ligaments around the collarbone and first rib as well. He addressed them and good god when he administered the treatment it felt like a napkin of pain was lifted off my face/neck. I’ve only had one treatment to that area but I’d say that was all I needed.

I’ve seen three different prolotherapists before finding this guy in Austin, and I have to say prolotherapy is really only as good as the Dr.'s skills allow. The doctors that do prolo on the side don’t seem to be as near as effective as one that does it 24/7. Hope this helps some, and feel free to ask any more questions.


Hey @arcadiafades,

For the past couple of years I’ve experienced issues with my SC joint very similar to yours. It’s been nearly impossible to find any literature on this specific injury. The most information I’ve found was your study available on pubmed. I also found your posts of the physiobob forums and even contacted Dr Stein but he did not have much to say.

Following weight lifting my SC joints became extremely unstable, there wasnt a sudden tear or specific instance of damage it just progressed slowly, I approached my trainer about it but he said it would heal up eventually. My joints became weak to the point where even lifting my phone to my ear we be enough to pop it out. I have since stopped lifting.

I had approached several physiotherapist and surgeons who were all of little help. Eventually I came across prolotherapy and gave it a shot for 6 months or so. The doctor treating me did not seem very confident in the treatment and it yielded little to no results. He was injecting my joint with a 10% dextrose solution. After not receiving any treatment for another 4-6 months I decided to try another doctor who specialised in PRP and Prolo. For the past 7 months he’s been injecting my joint capsule with a 20% dextrose solution and occasionally with PRP. Usually theres a 3-4 week interval between injections. Whilst I have made some progress I still have issues with my joints subluxing even without lifting any weight.

I have really been struggling to deal with the long healing process mentally and I was wondering if you still had any information from your blogs available. Otherwise I’d love to be able to ask you some questions regarding your recovery.

Kind Regards,



To all of the above:

The practitioner that treated Arcadia fades is Doctor Alvin Stein- this is listed in the publiished case study. If you send him an email he can schedule you an appointment at his clinic or recommend a provider closer to your area. This is what I did. I never received prolotherapy as my AC joint has healed nicely so I cannot personally vouch for him, but he would be a good start as Arcadia fades has obviously had success with him.


Yet another person with the same issue here. I was very skeptical of prolo/PRP
at first, but I’ve decided to give it some more thought after reading this thread.

If any of you guys above see this, I would like to hear how you’ve been doing since.