Prolonging Stored MAG-10/ 4-AD-EC

Recommended Biotest MAG-10 dosage: 6 caps/day for 2 weeks followed by 4 weeks off.

In a 420 cap bottle, this is 5 cycles.

Analytically speaking, how would the recommended dosing gains compare to mini-cycles such as the following protocol: 6 caps/day for 2 days (only) followed by 5 days off. Repeat continuously until bottle is done.

You’re still taking the same amount of steroid over the life of the bottle, but the bottle will last a bit longer.

Some of us are more prone to HTPA suppression no matter what the androgen used. For those of us with this problem, the mini cycle might provide the advantage of less suppression than even the recommended dosing (which is considered mild by most folks I think). The 1-AD component of MAG-10 is considered by most to be the main culprit behind any suppression, so it is possible to substitute the 2nd day with 6 caps of 4-AD-EC instead if one is really paranoid (like me!).

2 on 5 off ???
waste of time, money and MAG-10

Actually there is discussion about short use like this. 4AD may work better though. There is an article called the never ending cycle by Cy Wilson.

While 4AD may be good for this, as far as MAG-10, I would not use it like that. I would prefer Alpha Male, and Corbolin-19 for the long term, and MAG-10 for a more serious short term bulk.