Prolonging Cycle with Stanozolol

Quick question,

like I said in my other post, my gear got delivered to wrong adress, so this prolonged my cycle since I had already started a low dose of Stan depot at 50mg EOD… quite a small dose… I though my Test prop would arrive and I would stack with that for 3-4 weeks.

Now I’ve been close to 3wk on Stanozolic, and I have to admit I’m not really impressed with the result. Which, I knew, wouldn’t be much since a stan only cycle isn’t optimal.

At any rate, my question is this.

Is there any conter-indication to to 3 weeks of Stan Depot, then swith to Test Prop and Stan Tablets ?

Now I’ll probably go
350mg/wk (EOD injections)
and 50mg ED Stan tabs

this, in addition of my current run of 21-26 days of Stan Depot.