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Prolonged PIP or Something Else?

Hey guys, I’m new to the site, although I have been coming here reading forums for years. Definitely a lot of experience and knowledge here.

So getting to the point of this, has anyone ever had prolonged PIP with test? In my years, I can never remember having more than 4-7 days of pain or swelling, but I had a bad shot roughly 2 months ago (T400) that never was hot, red, or any indications of infection besides a little pain, slight swelling, and itchiness. Problem is, even after the normal PIP left, I still have lingering pain in the area. Its nothing I cant deal with, but its more curiosity on what some of the veterans would think about this situation. I’ve considered maybe it went sub q, sterile abscess, hematoma, or even possibly hit a nerve. Any input is appreciated. Thanks

Pain 2 months out I’m gonna take a educated guess and say nerve.

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If you hit a nerve, you would have known it immediately. It’s not a pleasant experience.

Is this virgin muscle? Are you rotating sites? Cramming more volume than you’re used to? Got dirty gear? High BA ratio? These would be normal questions for pip lingering around a few days to a week…but 2 months?! Is there a lump? A defined area of pain? I have no idea what to say except maybe consider a doctor visit if the pain and condition of the area is worrisome.

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