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Prolonged Andro Cycle?

OKay, I’ve used the Androsol in a 2 on 4 off fashion in the past, and had some moderate gains,… but a few months ago, in a reader mail, a fellow mentioned how he really maximized its potential by cycling 3 on/1 off/ 2 on/3 off. Well, After reading Tim’s praise of the idea, I figured why not,… I recently got laid off, so I’ve got plenty o’ time to eat and sleep (and hopefully grow!). I’ve got my 3 bottles of andro, as well as 3 bottles of tribex to stagger in towards the latter part of the 9 weeks. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried staying on longer than 2 weeks, and waht sort of results they got.

I’ve used over 6 weeks of Androsol and Nandrosol mixed together. Works great for pre-contests to maintain size. I’ve use the 2/1 off protocol before but it seems like the effect kicks in just right around the week and a half for me. By that time the 2 weeks is up and i have to stop. It seems my body respond better to long term use. After the 6-8 week cycle, i use Tribex for 2-3 weeks. I didn’t feel any t-suppression at all. I’ve tried using Nandrosol by itself and it works great for me, but it drive my libido down the toilet. When i mixed both my libido is up and aggression is also noticed. Fortunately i didn’t experience any water retention like some of my buddies do.

Hope this helps.


I am doing the same cycle, just started week one of the second series. So basically week 5. I agree with Blaze, week one was nothing much and it was mid-week 2 before I really saw anything, and I was supposed to get off. I added Tribex the 3rd week and tribex only on week 4. I have dropped tribex due to some “personality issues” and I restarted the Androsol again. Thus far all is well, my body responded faster this time to the 1st androsol week than before. Gains have been excellent!