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Proline Tren


guys, whats up with the smell of proline tren? I picked up a bottle yesterday and did a shot and damn it stinks, my bag smelled so bad this morning. Anyone have issues with this smell coming out of their pores? I didnt yet, but it scares me that it may happen. I will never get pussy smelling like that.


If it smells anything like Proline EQ, I'm all for it. I hated that smell at the beginning of my cycle, and by the end of the cycle I loved it!


yeah, I love anything that makes me grow. lol. but this stuff is nasty. Got a bit on my hand and have washed the had 5 times already and still smells.


i used proline tren on my last cycle at 100mgs/ed and honestly didnt notice it. but then again i get very little outside the bottle. the only gear that doesnt go from the vial straight into my body is the drop i let run down the pin for lube prior to injection.


i was getting that disctinct tren taste though.


Thanks Drago1. I was waiting for a response from you, I remembered you used it. I did not get the tren taste yet. but I have only done 2cc's so far. this stuff does have a smell though.

thanks for the response.


maybe its donkey piss.


well if its donkey piss then I need ru12nvme to help us out.


Wtf!!!! Whats the deal here?
Is everyone smelling their scrotums lately.. Didn't someone post the same thing like yesterday??