ProLINE labs

Has anyone heard of ProLINE labs? My source claims that they crammed 400 mgs/ml in a sustanon product, and I’m kinda skeptical. Have any of you used ProLINE before? I would like to hear any personal experiences with it. RLTW


I haven’t used ProLINE labs before but I know that PV Labs has a simmilar product. It will probably hurt to inject however due to the higher BA content, so you may end up cutting it with sterile oil anyway.

Yes, Proline labs does exist and he is legit. As Prisoner says you are paying for 400mg per ml but you will be cutting it with oil so do the math and see if the cheaper stuff is more economical. Sure, anybody can shove any amount of powder into a solution but at what pain cost. They do have super solvents to do this task that can be bought. I prefer nothing more than 300mg per ml.

I used their 500mg/ml EQ, good stuff.

PL is good
check around and see if you have to cut that specific product.

PL is one of the primere makers of underground AAS. I would suggest you to stick to his lower dosed gear, this will keep you from going through the pain of cutting it or tuffing out the painfull injections. His stuff is dosed properly, but sometimes is very busey and his TA suffers. Remember to keep his contact info off “all” boards though, thats the way he wants it. Can’t go wrong with him.

I’ve never used their stuff. Should I ever come across it, I’d DEFINITELY try it. I have only heard good things about it and it’s raved in most hardcore magazines.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

used proline tren and it was solid gear. no complaints. no pain. did have a little of the fina cough but then again i get that from any tren product.

When cutting, a good way is to rebottle it with sterile oil, and shake it up to ensure a good mix.

I used the PL Eq and feel that it was underdosed heavily. I was doing 1500mgs to 2000mgs a week just to get the same effects as what I am getting now from the RSOC Eq prop at 400mgs.

Wow!! That surprises me Spook. I guess he might have made a few sloppy batches to catch up on his orders??

Maybe, I doubt I’ll give him another try. I have some of his winny suspension, we’ll see how that is.