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Prolactinoma and Low T, Starting TRT

New guy here, excited to start this TRT journey. Here’s a little backstory on my health:

I’m 32 years old now, but was diagnosed with a prolactinoma at 22. Had super high prolactin, like in the 80’s, and T was in the 120s. Been taking cabergoline off and on for the last ten years. Currently off as of a month ago. Prolactin is now in low 20s, and T tested at 240. I dont have results of any other levels but could get them. Also at 14 years old I had testicular torsion in both nuts. They were saved and I have two young kids, but doc said they suffered trauma and that’s probably why my T levels are still so low. When I was first diagnosed all I wanted to do was sleep. Also had some ed issues and extremely low libido. Nowadays, no ed issues but still not much libido, and feel fatigued and foggy daily. I’m 6’1" and 210 lbs. At my heaviest I was 250 about a year and a half ago. Been at my current weight for a little over a year, mainly due to diet change, but also job change. That got rid of almost all stress. The bad stress anyway.

I’m currently prescribed 100mg cypionate a week and took my first shot last night. Today was the first day in a long time I haven’t felt sleepy. I haven’t yawned once. My head also feels clearer, and just felt more energetic and alert. Maybe it’s just excitement.

I guess my question is, in your opinion, am I on the right course for a more fulfilled life? I kind of struggled with the decision to start, because I know it’s a lifelong commitment. But I feel like I dont know how well I could feel, since basically my whole adult life, and possibly even my teenage years my hormones have been subpar.

Any thoughts on what’s to come? Anybody else have a prolactinoma?

Yes you made the right decision. What you felt on day 2 on TRT is likely in your head. Regardless you’ll likely hit a point within the next 8 weeks that you don’t feel so great especially when your natural T shuts off around 4 weeks in. Push through it and by week 8 you should be feeling better. 100mg is low dose and probably won’t be where you end up. I’m on 200mg myself but you’ll likely end up somewhere in between. If and when you do get a dose increase expect another 8 week period of not feeling optimal before you feel better. Many folks don’t realize in the beginning that those first 8 weeks won’t be how you feel after 8 weeks and you just have to get through them. Good luck

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Not me personally, but I do know some with a prolactinoma. Their pituitary glands will never function normally and hormone restoration is their only choice, as long as they want to feel good anyway.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve been reading this forum the last few evenings and have come to realize I have a lot to learn on this. There are tons of information on this forum, and I’m glad I found it since I know of nobody personally that’s been on trt.