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Prolactin Issues on TRT

Hello , im 20 Years old and decided to go TRT a year ago for personal reasons

I was looking for the most stable protocol for me and since i do bodybuilding , i decided to do 125mg of Test Cyp every 3 days and 1mg arimidex with every injection , and this protocol has been the best i ever had

but there is a problem , i have energy, sex drive …etc but my refractory period takes way too long , i see my girlfriend once every week and on the 1st time i have sex in that week , my desire for sex is brutal but when i finish have sex the 1st time i just take way too long to have that desire again (sometimes even 1 full day) , so i decided to do blood test and this where the results

TT - 2160 ng/dl
FT - 68.5 Pg/dl
SHBG - 6.0 nmol/L
E2 - 34.4 pg/ml
PRL - 20.90 ng/dl

Cholesterol and Hemoglobin were also tested and are all okay

Since Prolactin is responsible for the lack of desire after a guy Ejaculates , i suspect this is what is making me loosing interest to have sex more than once , i was thinking in getting some cabergoline to see if i get better , do you guys recommend i get some ?

Btw what is the dose i should take if i get some caber? i was thinking like 0.25mg every 3 days

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