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Prolactin Issue?


hi i am running
testo e 500mg per week
npp 100mg eod
0.25 adex eod
and today was my third shot of npp
and i pushed withpower my nipple and i saw something as a very small drop of white shiny liquid drop
also i don t have any iritation or lump...
what can i do check my prolactin or caber ??


in 2 days i will have 8x0.5mg caber on hands…


First off, I’m no expert.

I never had that issue. I tried to balance E2 with anastrozole and prolactin with pramipexole. Blood work is always the answer you will get here and it is the only way to know what is causing your sides. You may be mixing the way you address high E2 with high prolactin.

Second, I’m no expert. Do some additional research.