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Prolactin Control


Hi, i would like to know how often do you use anti prolactin? I have never used it and think i should? What is the best in your opinion, dostinex, parlodel, mirapex, prami. What dosage do you recommend and how long?
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Hi mate. I too have never used one as my test to 19nor compounds (tre/decca) has always been about 2:1. Im starting a cycle of a blend containing 50mg test p, 75mg tren a, 75mg mast p per ml. 1ml ed. 8 weeks.

As its the first time my tren is higher than test im going to add in caber @ 0.25mg 2 x per week.

I have only recently become aware of the theory of using tren/decca at a higher dose than test. Upsides to this theory seem great with the only downside being high prolactin.

also running hcg @ 250iu 2 x per week and 0.5 arimidex eod.




tren doesn't cause the same issues with prolactin as nandrolone does (or, at least, not as significantly). however, it's worth noting that prolactin can be raised by testosterone (and other androgens) in some guys, as well...

anyway, some people cannot use nandrolone and expect to be able to have sex while on cycle at all.

Prami is pretty easy to dose, as one can start at .1 mg/day and keep prolactin down, and due to the short half-life, adjust quickly.


prami over caber?

Is it advisable to start taking prolactin control from day 1 or if symptoms arise?


well, use what works for ya...

i think for a lot of us, it's easier to get prami, and due to the short half-life, is easier to adjust.

i'd just start it at .1 mg and stay there unless you need to go up...