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Prolactin and TRT

Long story short - I have always had tiny nuts and dr said I am primary hypogonadism - I have been on TRT test cyp 125mg per week for about 6 months - a few months into it I got a case of ED . My E2 was 64 so I started anastrozole 1mg per week and ED seemed to clear up for the most part . I have learned of another hormone that plays a role - prolactin . Without labs of prolactin levels to look at , what do you think caused ED . Does prolactin get wacky when starting TRT ? Does it level it self out as time goes on - thanks for addressing my curiosity

My prolactin hasn’t changed a bit since starting TRT. 3 months ago. I’ve had about 3-5 labs done in that time.

Prolactin is present in men and women, but is predominantly a female hormone
responsible for lactation in females that have just given birth.

In men, it’s secreted after orgasm. It’s the thing that makes it near impossible for men to
be multi-orgasmic, and generally makes you wish your girl would turn into a pizza after sex.

High E2 drives prolactin in men. A tumor can also drive it but that’s another story.

So, high e2 can=high prolatin=ed. (Think about the state of you libido and erection power
just after orgasm) That’s how high prolactin kills your boner.
If it gets high enough and stays there you will also start to produce a milky discharge
from your nipples.

If it gets high enough and stays there you will also start to produce a milky discharge
from you nipples.

Could have done without knowing that in life.

LOL Chaz.
Search the steroid board here or any other site and you’ll find a lot of guys that lactate
(not on purpose) from Tren and Nor Streroids, and from cycles with out an AI.
It can also happen to TRT guys that especially prone to heavy t–>e2 conversion that use no AI.

Will driving down E2 levels lower your prolactin - I am trying to find my sweet spot with my anastrozole dosage - currently take approx - 1.3- 1.5 mg per week with 150mg test cyp per week - both divided into 2x week doses

It can, yes. But…

If you have access to it, I’d try aromasin before I went crazy on the prolactin front.

What would be the benifit of aromasin over anastrozole - I am looking to get my libido higher and see if that effects any occasional ED problems I experience .

Adex and Aromasin are both AI’s but they work via somewhat different mechanisms.
You can google the differences. For some guys, Adex is a libido killer, myself included.

I always had trouble balancing e2 with adex, and had bouts of ED with it as well.
No sides like that with Aromasin. BTW, you can buy pill for from All Day Chemist without
an RX if you wanted to give it a shot. The research liquid forms I’ve tried have all been

If that doesn’t work and you want to look into prolactin as a cause, I’d recommend bloodwork