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Prolactin and Premature Ejaculation?

Guys is it possible that prolactin could cause premature ejaculation? I know prolactin rises once the party is over but could it be possible if it is high that the party is just about finished before it starts? I have been plaqued with this problem awhile.

I am 34 years been married 10 years. Tried SSRIs just killed libido. Jerking off before doesn’t work because I won’t be ready for awhile. Cialis and that type stuff makes me go even faster if that is possible lol. So wondering if caber prami or bromo would be a possible solution or even selegine? Thanks in advance.

Google “edging.” I’d try that before any pharmaceuticals.

Do you have hormone lab work with ranges?

Cabergoline (brand names Caberlin, Dostinex and Cabaser)

  • no side effects seen in low doses used for lowering prolactin. There can be issues with higher doses used treating Parkinson’s.
  • seems like some patterns can exist, but has anyone shown that altering prolactin will eliminate the complains. But if prolactin is affecting T levels there is then the effect of that.

Are you depressed or moody? Dose your reward system work OK. Does a really good meal feel good? Do you still get enjoyment out of things that you use to feel good about?

Are you circumcised or intact? If intact, your would be a lot more sensitive than guys who have been cut.

Nope no labs. I live in a rural small town the hospital that employees me is the hospital my insurance pays for. I ask for prolactin labs they look at me like I have two heads and ask me if I think I have a tumor lol. Testosterone levels they tell me to young. Even on a cycle of test I bust super fast or even faster then. Just trying to figure it out myself. Some you guys here are the some of the best scientific minds there are! I normally don’t post a lot because everyone is so negative. Yes I am circumsized I am a high stress anxiety type guy.

If you are able to masturbate and keep an erection, the problem is in your head, don’t need drugs.

Well, lets take a broader view of this.

You are in USA? You can order your own labs and pay out of pocket. Do they work with LabCorp there? If so there is LEF.com and other sites that you can work with.

What about thyroid and rT3 issues? If you check your body temperatures you will know the bottom line for thyroid function. See the thyroid basics sticky. Also see advice for new guys.

Stress can lead to adrenal fatigue, increased rT3 and lower body temperatures even when thyroid labs are otherwise perfect.