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Prolactin and Orgasm

Recently single, I met a cool new girl, and I’ve noticed that between us having sex and me masturbating (and both in general the last several months), my libido hasn’t been as strong, and it’s been much harder to reach orgasm. And when I do orgasm, it’s very noticeably bland (even after a week without one which really surprised me).

I tried small doses (.125mg and .25mg) of anastrozole a while back, and didn’t notice any change.

My prolactin has been creeping up during this time as well, and I’m wondering if that’s the reason.

I don’t do well with caber/bromo, but I’m working on getting into a study for ropinirole and I have another doctor here who has ordered me quinagolide from Canada to try. I’ve heard both are much more favorable.

Basically all I’m asking for guys who have/had slightly elevated prolactin (<100), did it dull your orgasms as well?

Mines been a little over range every time I’ve tested it.

I never really had dull orgasms, though it was really difficult to make it happen at all there for a while. TRT has helped a lot. I tried caber and it was really weird, not a fan. It was like I never got the satisfied/ok I’m passing the f out feeling after anymore.

Anyways. Not a huge help other than to say I haven’t had the dull orgasm issue and have had elevated prolactin. I’m getting tested again tomorrow so we’ll see where I’m at now

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How high has yours been? Keep us posted on your test tomorrow.

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You can guess when I started TRT, haha

See if you can order a test for macroprolactin too next time

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My prolactin has been slightly elevated and I don’t notice much of a difference. It’s always taken me a while to orgasm especially if it’s vanilla sex. State of mind plays a role in it too. You need to experiment to find what you like and I’m not talking about different positions either.


I feel you man. I went a couple of years, a couple of years ago, where I was just trying to put numbers on the board. Some of the worst sex of my life.

Since pursuing girls I actually like, things have improved substantially.

It’s weird though, this has been a new thing lately whether there’s someone else or not. I also did quit nicotine 3-4 weeks ago, and apparently, chronic use lowers prolactin.