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Prolactin and Estrogen High Mid-Cycle

I got my tests today,prolactin range is 56.17-279.3 and mine is 324.51,estrogen range is 0-115 and mine is 206.51,testosterone range is 9.0-28.3 and mine is 52.50.
Im in the middle of the third week of cycle,using 600 mg propionate and 250 deca.
Im wondering is it normal to have them that big,is that too much?
Should I leave them like that or take something to calm them down,and what?

Are you having any symptoms? Don’t treat the number treat the symptom.

Do you have the units? Those ranges look odd

It actually came to my mind to check it few days ago when I mesured my blood pressure and it was 200/50.It was like that for a few days.In general I feel like there is some water retention,mood swings,not feeling that “hype” which I had in the last cycle and feeling of that “power”.I would also say lil problems with libido and trying to focus while having sex,sometimes going bit soft and unable to reach orgasm sometimes.

mIU/L is for prolactin,nmol/L is for test and pmol/L for estrogen.

Thank you. I think it looks normal for the amounts you’re taking