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Prolactin and Cabergoline on Tren

I’m pinning 150 mg of tren twice a week plus a stack with test and masteron. I just started to feel a bit sensitivity and read up on tren as well. Previously I was pinning 1 a week now I split dose and pin twice.

What sort of knowledge and dosage is necessary for cabergoline or should I try p5p first?

While Tren and NPP/Deca are in the same family, this may not be a good one:one comparison, BUT I have had great success running 350 mg/wk NPP and consuming 200 mg P5P per day. While I can’t say I have blood tests to back it up, the way I FEEL is great, and I haven’t had any prolactin side effects that I can FEEL.

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Thanks bro I appreciate the info, you take all at once or ration through the day?

I just take it all at once every morning with breakfast. I try to avoid having caffeine with an hour of taking supplements. Caffeine inhibits absorption of some micronutrients. I don’t know what stuff it inhibits or does not inhibit so just to be safe I just wait an hour anyways.