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#projectstrongman - Becoming a Strongman!


Hey folks, so I’ve recently decided to compete in strongman having already competed in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. I’ve created some cool content over on YouTube about my journey thus far, if you’re looking for a bit of entertainment or have any advice please feel free to give the episodes a comment or on here!


Episode 1: https://youtu.be/tedKw4i0bhE
Episode 2: https://youtu.be/KL6ovhgvi6I
Episode 3 (featuring Briam Shaw!!!): https://youtu.be/0DcjuZW6dEM


Dude you have an awsome gym to train in as well as equipment, yoke walk, farmers walk, as well as a run to do them inside.
I hope they have amateur contest and you can build up strenght and confidence, going up against monster’s from the start is humbling.
My first contest i hadn’t no implements to train with , i thought just guys like me would show up, i was top 3 strongest guys in gym , but had way better flexibility cardio.
Anyway my 295 x 8 incline on barbell transfer to 4 reps 240 log press incline.
I remember i got 22 reps on 170lb oxygen tank curl. Then A guy named Phil Phitzer curled it like 60 times.
It is a psychological reward that comes from shouldered your firsr 300 pound stone or flipping a 800 pound Tire ten times.
As well as since it not mainstream sport , you will meet and talk to guys you look up to like Brian shaw.
Funny story, we had a free shuttle from hotel to a country bar incahoots huge bar. The contest was in parking lot the next day st louis.
The bouncers were like average looking dude’s, didn’t look exceptional fit or large, then the look on their faces when likes of a dozen 300 pound beast walk in . Would you really want throw phil phitzer, magnus, virtanen, Baskin, out.


Thanks for the reply Joe, I am really lucky and also very blessed for one of the best strongman gyms in the country to sponsor me on my way to my first ever competition!


It’s that time again folks! Sit down, grab a coffee and lets see #projectstrongman Episode 4!


Hey, any advice for a 16 year old guy looking to get into strongman? I’m 6’4, weigh 385, can bench 315, squat 410, and deadlift somewhere around 450. We have a yoke, a trap bar, a tire, farmer’s walk bars, and a swiss bar which I’ve been using as a substitute for a log at my school. Any advice on websites to look at or people to talk to to help get me into this? I’m in Dallas Texas and I can’t really find any competitions around here. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Love your videos btw


north American strongman society
There are plenty out their google in texas i guarantee their are plenty guys training strongman this us best way .
Just get real strong at events, and at 6,4 385 build your cardio up , your powerlifting is good for a 200 pounder, at your size losing fat and gaining mobility will help more thsn you think, train events hard once a week. Clean up diet the big numbers dont come easy .
If youn can’t find a strongman group to workout with , find a power gym get those big three up as well as overhead and farmers.


Use strongman as an aid in losing about 100lbs of bodyweight.

Strong numbers for your age but you’re extremely heavy and I’m positive that the weight you’re carrying is not healthy or serving you any good purpose. Clean up your diet and just beat the shit out of yourself in the gym.


where in the dallas area are you located? i live in Carrollton and train at 360strengthathletics, the gym is awesome, the trainers are awesome. We have everyone from people just trying to improve their lives to a professional strongman that competes in SCL. I have been training there for 3 months and coming from powerlifting, without their help, i would not be anywhere near where i am now. There is so much technique involved in the different implements in strongman that having a coach and a group to train with can help significantly.