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Projection TV's


Would like some opinions and suggestions if possible. We are buying a new house and I would like to hang a projector and have a pull down screen off this wall in the back.

Anybody have a certain brand or just a discussion about it.

Never looked into them.


My buddy's brother has a 100 inch in his basement and another that he broadcasts on his garage door for games. The new HD projectors have amazing quality to where you can't even tell it's being projected. I don't know how they handle being permanently outside though, you might need a special unit.


Plan would be to have a mount to remove as needed, also this would be basically not exposed to weather being covered.

But also worth checking into.

Do you know the brand?


He says the old one in his garage is an Optoma EzPro739

New one in the basement is Sony VPL-HW50ES.


Holy shit. Just looked up the pricing on that new one.




Watch out for the humidity. The screen could collect mold and mildew.

There are outdoor models of Plazma and LCD TVs that can hang on the wall.

Just my $0.02


Make it $0.04 on the plasma/LCD.
That's a very cool outdoor patio, btw.


From what I have read screen quality is very important. There is a HUGE price range.



The guy I was talking about earlier projects onto the back of a shower curtain. Looks just fine for ball games, might not be good for Blurays though.


That can't be right... a NINETY THOUSAND DOLLAR TV!?!?


Good points also


Yea pretty crazy.

I remember when Plasma's first came out, they were the same way.


This house is out of this world cool.


That is pretty sweet.


One of the features I really like in warmer climates is the blending of outdoor to indoor living space.

Beautiful place Derek.




Thanks this is the upstairs deck


The best part of the house.

Its my own thread, but might as well show off some of this place.

Now back to talking about original OP


Is that the back patio? I can't see a fence... You moving to Pearland?