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Project Symmetry


Hey Everyone,

After a year and a half off competing i have decided to get back into it! I have previously competed in the NZIFBB (Mens Physique) but i have decided to give INBA (Mens Physique) a go as its the only drug tested federation here in New Zealand.

Im going to be logging my progress, training, nutrition and everything in between so let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Here is my first video log, just going thorough how i went about planning my goals for the comp and also how i came about my current training split and nutrition.


Not the best quality but wanted to have a good look at everything to see exactly what needed work. What you guys think? Anything i have missed? Will do more in detail posing etc over the next few weeks which will give a better idea of what needs work but think this gives a good foundation to start from


Hey Everyone,

Here is the second episode of Project Symmetry :slight_smile:

Just going through my current training split which is all based off how i planned my goals in Ep 1.

Let me know what you think or if there is anything you feel i have missed.

Trying to hit all my weak points on the head with this training cycle, got 2 per week leg sessions and also 2 per week shoulder sessions. Also each workout on other muscle groups is focusing on weakest area (chest will be upper pec and back lower back / lats)


Anyone have an opinion on my current training split?
Wondering if anyone has done anything like it in the past.

Wednesday is a full rest day but i do extra mobility work and stretching to try stay on top of things.
Been on the split for 2 weeks now and Iā€™m already seeing progress in strength.

Will be posting my diet soon for some critique

Monday -
PM Workout - Leg / Calfs (Deadlift Focus)

Tuesday -
AM Workout - Shoulders
PM Workout - Arms / Abs

Wednesday -

Thursday -
PM Workout - Chest / Calfs

Friday -
PM Workout - Legs / Abs (Squat Focus)

Saturday -
AM Workout - Back / Calfs

Sunday -
AM Workout - Shoulders / Abs


My latest Ep of "Project Symmetry"
Goes through my entire diet, meal-by-meal

Generally hitting 2700-2800 cals with a:
35% Carb
25% Fat
40% Protein macro split.

What u guys think? currently 11 weeks out


Just uploaded Ep 4 of Project Symmetry :slight_smile:
Its a 6 week out update going through my training, nutrition and supplements.

Not too many drastic changes, just trying to slowly get things down while keeping the fullness :slight_smile:


Little update of how im looking 5 weeks out,
All pumped up from a chest session and still hitting 270g carbs.

Upped the cardio to around 500 cals per session which takes me around 35min or so. Doing that post workout.

Really feel like im keeping most of my fullness unlike other preps as this is when i generally start to flatten out.

Also bumped my training up to twice a day when i can as i feel like with the extra carbs in there i have the energy.


Just uploaded Ep 5 of project symmetry :slight_smile:

Most of the changes over the past few weeks have been with training however my nutrition is going to be the thing changing move over the next few weeks.