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Project Symmetry | INBA Prep Log


Hey guys,

After a year and a half off competing i have decided to get back into it! I have previously competed in the NZIFBB Men’s Physique (have done a few threads on here before about my past comps) but i have decided to give INBA a go as it’s the only drug tested federation here in New Zealand.

I have done 5 logs so far and I’m currently just over 3 weeks out. I’m competing in the Men’s Physique category so I’m not going for super lean/grainy look, mostly lean fitness model - ish haha

Any criticism would be great, the logs go through my current training, nutrition and supplements. 3 weeks out im still on 2600 Cals with a 228 protein, 58 fat and 293 carb split.

Ep 4 & 5 go through more of my prep were the other ones go through specifics around my diet and nutrition.

Cheers guys


Pic from 4 weeks out


Latest Episode just went live!
2 week out update showing were i am currently at with everything.

Desided to do a slight depletion week over this week and then will be increasing calories back up over the final week to make sure i stay full.


1 week out condition, will be uploading vlog to YouTube tomorrow to show changes


Here it is guys, Ep 7 of project symmetry
1 week out update going through exactly what my plans are with nutrition and training over this final week

Let me know what you think


Latest Update, first tan all done so now just focusing on dialling things in. 1 day out


Here is the latest upoad of Project Symmetry
Goes through the last few days before i get on stage, I wanted to give people insight to what competing is actually like and also what other things you have to focus on other than just training / nutrition.

Also i have the changes to diet etc in there as well :slight_smile:

Will be uploading the video of the show over the next few days :slight_smile:


So happy to tell you guys that not only did i win the Open Men’s Physique but i took out the Overall Mr Physique as well.

Was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to better myself for the next time i get up on the INBA stage

A Vlog of the whole day will be uploaded to my YouTube over the next few days so make sure you subscribe to get updates on that :slight_smile:


Ok everyone here it is, Ep 9 of Project Symmetry which is a full Vlog of the show.

I basically go through that I was doing leading up to getting on stage, there are 3 main times I was on stage so first bit in the Vlog was pre judging, then night show and then finally the overalls.

Really happy with the result and I’m planning on doing another show in 14 weeks which will qualify me for my Pro Card if all things go well. Then it will be off to the Natural Olympia at the end of the year. Obviously this is with all things going well so I’m just going to give it my all and see what happens. Will be vlogging everything so that will show exactly what I’m doing for each comp :slight_smile:


The competition is over and it’s not time to re-assess the goals going forward and plan what I’m going to do next.

This vlog goes through exactly what I have planned for the next few months, it’s a lot more relaxed than usual with a bit of personal / lifestyle stuff in there as well.

Hope you enjoy.


Hey Everyone,

I’m back into prep for my next INBA show where I’m aiming to get my Pro Card. It’s going to be a real test and being a bigger show there is going to be far more competition so I’m looking at smashing my last shows conditioning.

I have released 2 vlogs already so here they are. My next ones leading closer to the show will be more show specific.

Hope you guys enjoy them, will be releasing new ones each week.


I am really glad you are putting up these vids, I am surprised there are not more comments from others though.


Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Yeah, no1 is really interested but its cool, been getting some good feedback on other forums which has been helping quite a bit.

Glad your liking the videos :slight_smile: will keep them coming as i get closer to the show


Ok not really prep related but here is the latest episode of Project Symmetry.

Goes through a workout with IFBB Pro Jason Poston and also some highlights from the NZ Fitness Expo.

Next weeks video will be right back into prep.


Episode 14 is now live, this is a full day of eating with me at the 6 week out mark.

I took on some feedback from my last prep so my carbs are higher and my protein is lower. I will reduce the protein even more as I get closer to the show so I have more room for additional carbs.

Currently hitting around 2500 give or take 10% or so with a macro spit of 300g carb, 50g fat and 200g protein.


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Thanks mate,

The vascularity is something i have always struggled with, even when really lean.
Only just started getting them coming through over my last prep so not sure what have brought them up.


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Thats what i thought at the start but going back to heavy training again they still come out so not sure. Never the less im glad they are coming through haha


New 4 week out Vlog is up on YouTube. Pretty much a snippet from my weekend. Got another vlog coming soon