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Project Symmetry 2017 | Jordan's INBA Contest Prep

Hey everyone,

It’s been over a year since i was last up on stage so really excited to share this prep with you all.
I did a Project Symmetry Thread back in 2016 when I competed in both the INBA Auckland & Taupo shows which i really enjoyed so thought I would do this thread for my preparations towards the INBA Nationals on November 4th.

I’m doing vlogs of my progress on YouTube each week but want to put the raw updates on here for any critique on training, diet, physique etc

So this is pretty much where I’m at right now:
I’m 10.5 weeks out, have a starting weight of 85kg and I’m currently on 3500 cals which is made up of (Roughly) 480g Carbs, 80g Fat, 220g Protein

I’m on a push, pull, leg split (that I have never really done before but seems to be working a treat!) and I do that twice to total 6 days per week. In terms of cardio I’m doing x3 400 calorie sessions on Mon, Wed, and Fri which I will bump up to x4 in a few weeks.

If anyone has any thoughts on my current set up I’m always looking for suggestions :slight_smile: also I will put some pics below so you can get an idea of my condition/physique at my last 2 shows :slight_smile: Will also put the link to this week’s vlog as that shows a bit more info about my measurements etc

This is my Physique as of my last competition so looking to build on the overall size and conditioning

And this if from a show from April 2016 (the yellow shorts where from August 2016)

Also does anyone have any advice for pump up foods? this has always been an area that i have played around with but it would be awesome if you guys would share your ideas?

Last 2 comps i have used snickers pods and potato chips which has worked ok, good ish pump with no real bloat.

Any input would be appreciated

Progress at 7.5 weeks out
Currently on 2700 cals, doing 400cal cardio x4 times per week and following a push, pull, leg split


It’s interesting you do a push pull legs instead of a standard body part split. There has been some discussions on here about what split works better and most of the bodybuilders on here say body part splits. Any reason you do that in particular?

Yeah, the main reason is just trying something different. I have built my physique over the past 8 years with your typical single muscle split program however the change has been working wonders…

I’m getting crazy sore again and looking at my totals at the end of each week i am actually lifting more overall weight per body part with this push, pull, leg split.

Wouldn’t go as far as saying its better than a single muscle split but i personally think the change is working well.