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Project Superhero and Great Skin

I know this isn’t the most exciting topic. But all of the athletes in project superhero have fantastic skin. How the hell do they get that?

I mean I can understand the girls, but even Stan looks like he has amazingly healthy skin. I feel like my skin is shitty compared to them. Everytime I take Alpha Male my acne returns all over my body like I’m in high school all over again. My hairy legs cover up any definition, and when I do shave them, it looks like shit.

These guys have a perfect tan, hairless(thank god for the girls), and just simply look great.

Is this from nutrition, training, living on the west coast, all of the above? Any ideas?

All the above and its their friggin Job to keep/make them selves look good. Literally it is their job. Your putting in hours doing what you do for a living they are putting in hours making their bodies including their skin look fantastic by any means needed and available.

well i dont know what pics you are talking about but i can guess…

  1. tanning
  2. shaving body hair constantly (haha that’s no fun)
  3. fish oil
  4. good diet
  5. more fish oil
  6. overall good health
  7. being blessed with little pores that don’t break out
  8. probably visiting some sort of day spa type deal 1X per week
  9. even more fish oil

everything except for #7 you can control, good luck bro

Google B-5 and acne. Vitamin B5 is needed for the mediation of sex hormones boost them and your skin breaks out, this is why teenagers get bad acne, explosion of sex hormones. Sarsparilla and liquorice(herbs) can help with hormone regulation also.

and get an antioxidant supplement.

I think it comes down to diet when you consider great skin. Making sure you get plenty of Omega 3’s as well as instituting a consistent antioxidant in your diet is key, especially if you’re taking a tribulus type supplement or juicing.

Other important elements include:

  1. Limit Sun exposure
  2. Exfoliate (loofa, etc)
  3. Keeping skin clean
  4. Staying Hydrated
  5. Moisturize

Not much you can do about being an ancestor of the Yeti, though. Unless you want to shave or wax everything.