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Project Sewing Forum?


"This is a Sewing Forum. Don't come in here to tell me I can't cross stitch!"


Any of the old alumni game?


-We only create and post in our own threads.
-DO NOT post and disrupt existing threads.
-Do not use vulger language...insults are great and encouraged.

This way we can be a bit more respectful and not get kicked out like the Quilting Forum.

Anyone who does not know what this is, can look here at the 8 hours of hilarious fun we had!! http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/quilters_vs_bodybuilders

Username - QuiltScar

We should discuss the merits of the project, strategies and goals here.


I'm in


Is there going to be anything about altering our clothes to show off the guns and buns show? Like how to take the waist in on pants when you suffer from squatter's ass? Patching/preventing crotch blow outs? De-tenting off-the-shelf dress shirts? Measuring BF based on shoe pictures?

You do know what happened to the sewing threads here lately?


"Creating Clothes That Fit" is perfect.

I waiting for my account reg confirmation e-mail!!!! it's slow for me. anyone else get in?



I'm in.


I really want to see the reaction to the "Patching/preventing crotch blow-outs" thread.


Not yet...


Check the "Before You Register" "Spam" thread, we might not be able to infiltrate.


Last time, I think some people put something with Shugart or Thibaudeau in their user names. While potentially hilarious, that's not cool. Ok, maybe a little.

Much of the fun from last time is now permanently deleted. This time, take screenshots or copy the epic posts to this thread if possible.

This will be awesome!

Have you tried hitting her
lunk alarm
All these people asking if they should cut their fabric haven't even begun sewing
put a celtics thread in there. "I want to be fashionable" and http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/made_a_fitted_tee_do_i_look_like_a_douche_pics
Ask how to sew wormwood's ghey hat
Post some ugly rag, ask people to rate it and defend it with "I'm a natty"
Would you guess this to me accurate representation of quilting?
Do people who sew live in sewers?


This is so played, it's been done not to mention it's inmature.

I'm in.

user name: ddazzler


Oh, I'm fucking IN on this! I've been preparing for this my whole life. I don't have time to sign up until tonight, but look for DBQuilter on there later tonight.


I'm "The Cutter".



I'm in.


There should be something in quilting...my post is not showing though....It was an innocent question regarding "powering out a 5x5 Quilt and the techniques involved".....


copy your thread links here...


I'm not in because i'm not witty enough but i will def follow





Crotch reinforcing thread started.