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Project Evolution : Update III


What is the latest with Nick? How did he do on the Mag 10?

Nick is doing pretty darn good. I’ve written the half-way point article and have taken mid-pics. He took a week off for Christmas after completing six weeks of the Anti-bodybuilding program. Now he’s begun OVT.

His mid-way pics look good. I only hope people understand that these are real before and mid-way pics, not some Photoshopped, roided up, lighting tweaked, sucked in, tried-to-look-like-hell-in-the-befores, reversed order, every-dirty-trick-you-can-name pics you see in most supplement ads and transformation contests. Still, his results are pretty dramatic for only 6 weeks.

I’ll save the details for the article. Maybe TC will run it this week.

Thanks for asking, BTW! It really motivates Nick knowing people are curious about his progress. And of course, it’s very motivating knowing your pics are going into T-Nation. Very ballsy to agree to this, especially when your “befores” appear 12 weeks before your “afters”! Not many would do that.