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Project Evolution: Update II

Just ended week four of Project Evolution . Nick is up about 12 pounds. All his measurements are up as well, except for his waist which stayed the same.

Examples: Upper arms up one full inch (with only two sets per week for bi’s and tri’s), upper legs up just over an inch, chest/back up one inch. Least improvement was calves which were up “only” one-fourth of an inch in four weeks.

His strength is up as well. This morning he did four reps with his previous 1RM on bench. The Waterbury-based program is going very well.

His diet is on target and he keeps his food log, training log, and Grow! with him everywhere he goes. As a reward, next week I’ll put him on MAG-10. T-mag will publish a six week update article in a few weeks with pics.

And the evolution continues…

Sorry if I should know this, but who is Nick?

Nick’s progress over the next two weeks on Mag-10 should be awesome. With everything dialed in and Nick working as hard as he is (not to mention your guidance, support & whip cracking), he ought to be one very happy camper.

Can’t wait to put the before & afters side by side!!!

Right Side Up, click the link in Chris’s post.

Chris, ask Nick to drop in and give us his perspective. It must be exciting for him to be making such rapid gains. Looking forward to the next article!


Are you going to have him use the Massive Eating guidelines (from the Growth Surge Project) while he is on the Mag 10?

Nice work so far…

great results

Atreides – No, he won’t be using Massive Eating, at least not the C+F etc stuff. Just not needed for him. Now, if he were gaining too much fat while bulking I’d have him adopt JB’s diet, but right now fat gain is minimal.

Nick is already eating a ton of protein and overall calories, but we may increase those a bit while on MAG-10.

An important note, Nick is eating what I call B&C, meaning Big and Clean. It’s a mass phase eating plan that basically involves eating a lot, but getting 95% of it from good, healthy foods.

I think too many people go on a mass phase but really just use that as an excuse to eat crap. While eating garbage foods makes it easier to get in a lot of calories, it also leads to the person looking like hell when the mass phase is over.

Massive Eating solves this also as JB recommends good foods, just a lot of them. I think this is one reason why that diet is good for bulking while minimizing fat gain. My approach does the same thing, we just don’t worry with the P+F combos much. Nick eats about one cheat meal per week and the rest is clean.

I’d also add that eating C+F, the big no-no, isn’t as bad when it’s healthy fats and healthy carbs. Oatmeal and Udo’s is a lot different that French Fries and Pepsi.

Not a knock against Massive Eating. JB is definitely onto something there. That diet just isn’t needed in Nick’s case.