Project Evolution and GPP


Based on my understanding of the article, Nick is going to be performing 4 days of ABBH per week, plus 2 days of GPP.

Would it be possible to give a little more detail about what sort of GPP you are mixing in with the hypertrophy program? It is my basic understanding that ABBH is so demanding that adding additional work on the off days could prove counterproductive.

I personally am planning to do a cycle or 2 of ABBH in a couple of weeks, and I want to maintain if not improve my overall GPP as well as minimize any fat gain, so it would be great to see how you are balancing these factors in your approach with Nick.

John K

Waterbury himself approved of the two off day, light GPP sessions when I first tried the program. Nick will be doing the same.

Each off day session is 20 minutes max. We even set a timer. It includes light weighted work performed in circuit fashion using a lot of exercises popularized by Chad Waterbury and Coach Davies including squat thrusts, iron crosses, figure 8’s, the bear, etc. We mix it up every time to keep things interesting.

Basically we just want to prevent excess fat gain, stimulate the body with some new lifts and challenges, and enhance recovery from the four “real” training days of the week.

Everyone’s situation is different though, so keep that in mind. I decided on this course for Nick based on his goals and circumstances.

Cool, thanks.

It should be interesting to see how quickly the muscle packs on.