Project Discussion

I’m currently doing a Psychology degree, and for one of my projects, I have to facilitate a group discussion on a topic of my choice. I’m posting here, because I’m looking for participants for my discussion.

-The topic is Embodiment, more specifically “Body Projects”.
-I’m specifically looking for people that have gone from being formally Obese, and that are now of a healthy weight range/bodyfat percentage. (Because I have to accurately define my parameters of what constitutes obesity, I will have to use the NHS definition using BMI range.)
-The discussion will centre around how an individuals view of their World changes once they have lost a significant amount of bodyweight. (How people treat them changes, do they become more positive etc…)

The reason I picked this topic is because I used to be obese. Weighed around 115kg with a 40’+ waistline. I now weigh around 90kg with a 33’ waist. So it’s something I’ve been through…

Requirements for participants:
-Must live in London
-Be willing to travel to my University (Northern Line) for the group discussion
-Can spare 1-2 hours in the next 2 weeks for this project.

If you’re interested, or know someone that might be, please reply to the thread.