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ProHoromones and Trenbolone Acetate


So guys, I've been researching prohoromones because I don't want to do steroids for ethical/legal reasons. Not really here to debate that... but I've come across Trenbolone Acetate. So is this legal to take?

I know you can have it legally because of it's intended use, but is it legal to take otherwise? Anyone who has used it, is it worth the hassel to isolate it from the finiplix? How are gains...etc?

Thanks guys, I really appreaciate all the help.


It is very illegal to convert fina and also your not going to want to run tren on it's own anyways.


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How do you stop a troll from smelling?

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Ratm88, thanks for answering my question. Well ethically it isn't the same because prohormones (or at least the ones I am thinking about taking) are not illegal. That's why I was wondering if it was illegal to convert fina. Again, I'm not here to debate that though.


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Alright, I really didn't want to get into this debate here but I guess I will have to do. The reason I didn't want to do steroids is because they are illegal in America. Ethical matters fall into what is right and wrong. I believe it is wrong to do things that are illegal, hence doing steroids is an ethical matter. I knew it was legal to own finiplix, so I was hoping I could legally do Trenbolone Acetate (which I am well aware is a steroid). Cheating myself isn't the issue here, I think I am helping myself if I use this. I was hoping I found a legal steroid. I never said Fina wasn't a steroid. Sorry for any confusion.


Do you drive 65mph on the freeways as well.

I really don't care as your reasons are your reasons, but most prohormones are just unclassified designer steroids. It's only a matter of time before the government will deem them illegal as well.

Being most steroids are SAFER than prohormones I'd rather break the law, get twice the gains, half the sides...and go on about my merry way.

Fina is legal to own if you plan on breeding cattle and want to pump them up before slaughter. Taking it as a human or converting for injection is ILLEGAL. So no go for you.

Tren as a standalone would suck big donkey balls as well.



Haha thanks for the input, and I do think it's wrong to speed to answer your question. Bummer though, I thought there might be a way I could legally do this. Guess I'd have to be in a country where it isn't illegal huh? O well...


fina IS legal.

Converting fina into a preperation that is for human consumption.. is not.

Testosterone EnANTHATE prescribed by the doc is legal. Test enenthate not prescribed is not.


Joel,simple question

do you own cattle?

Finas ONLY legal use is to give to cattle in a controled manner before shipping to slaughter to increase the efficancy of the feed so they do not loose weight.

example is you are a slaughter house and you bought 50,000 pounds of beef cattle.
you have them shipped several days by truck and rail and some to find out most of them lost weight due to stress and not eating and you now have 40,000 pounds

yes the numbers are made up but this is why its made
it is for animals that are dead anyways and it is to protect the consumer by making sure they have all they paid for.

if you use it for anything other than that then it is illegal.
and it is true prohormones are just as wrong as steroids.
only difference is that the government hasnt found out about them yet and they have not said its illgeal yet.

but you can shine up a turd really nice and try and call it a diamond but in the end its still a big,steamy,stinky turd.

I think maybe you should look into getting over yourself and not be so high and mighty about stuff, you are the worst kind of hypocrite there is,one that dosen't realise he is a hypocrite.


Joel, I'm not all together sure that you have a clear understanding of ethics in general.


I think I may have misunderstood you at first and if I sounded like a jerk I am sorry that was not my intention,I have a way of sounding a bit harsh.

to answer you, tren in any form is illegal,obtaining fina pellets are in themselves illegal unless used for the perscribed reason,its like j-walking its really illegal but no one enforces it on a regular basis

Phs are nothing more than steroids or substances that turn into steroids so even though they are not illegal yet the reason why they are not are becuase no ones banned them yet.
but then you have some that are the exact same as a banned product and they change the spelling of the name and make it legal again.

its all about what someone can get away with, you dont want to play that game so I would say forget about it all together. becuase even if its not wrong to buy xxx product today what about next week when you are still cycling it and it becomes illegal, will you risk health and toss it becuase its against the law or will you suck it up and finish them off and break the law by having them?

see its much simpler to stay clear of that drama from the start.
you do not need drugs,you need hard work good food and nothing more.


it was once illegal for blacks to get married. It is STILL illegally for women to wear pants in Mesa, Arizona. Is that unethical? you are a fuckin idiot if you believe that legality determines ethical matters. SLAVERY was once legal would you have deemed that ethical? In certain regions of Africa it is legal to cut of the clitorous of young girls, would you consider that ethical?
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