I was wondering what effects prohormones had on an 18-year-old’s body? I recently did a cycle of Androsol and Tribex-500 and saw good results. Will this stunt my growth or mess with my endocrine system. Please inform me about what I should take or if prohormones are allright to take. By the way I have some Decasomal I thought about taking. Please reply.

For some people there’s no difference: for example I reached my final height by age 16, while Kelly mentioned that he gained more than another inch in his 20s. Also, it doesn’t seem to be androgen that limits bone growth, but estrogen… and Androsol doesn’t increase estrogen levels. But still we don’t really know, so it’s better to be safe. Having already done it though, there’s also no reason to be paranoid especially from a brief cycle.