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I’m planning on doing a 4 week cycle incorporating M1T and 19-Nor-4diol THP Ether and some 5-methyl-7 methoxyisoflavone for kicks. Near the end I’ll throw in some 4-diol and my PCT will be 6-OXO and M implemented 2 weeks in the cycle and lasting 2 weeks after. This will be coupled with ALRI Impact with ZMA 3 days after the cycle is over.

I had good results with a similar stack of M1T, NorDiol before. (5 weeks ago)… I took the precautions for my liver with big doses of Sylmarin, Inisotol, etc. My DHT blocking protocol is just the usual saw palmetto and pygeum. I’ll be taking GABA for the mood swings. I’m also going to completely stop taking any stimulants or thermos for the duration, just to maximize whatever gains are possible. I’m always a good clean eater and take more than my share of protein and supplements per day… This is one of a few bouts with PH’s I’ve had in the past year. I’m yet to take the step to AAS’s… (I did an 8 week cycle of Omnadren at 18… much too early in my lifting career).

Anyways, just thought maybe some of the more experienced PH users can shed some light on the synergy of M1T with Nordiol, or other PH’s…