Sorry if this is a little off base, but I thought you guys could help.
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about clearance rates for prohormones. I took Pinnacle Androstat Poppers while I was in the States recently. I used them for 2 weeks and got no results.
My problem is, that, although it was 3 months ago, will any nandrolone in my system show up on a drug test I need to take for work?

Where do you work at the Olympic Village ? Why would your work test for steroids ???

Good call, JOHN. Krakkerz, your work wont test for nandrolone! But if they did, they wont find any from the poppers. I was in on the original design and testing of the poppers and although they do contain an “androgen blend”, they are about 95% androstenediol. And the other 5% comes from 5 or 6 other isomers including a-dione, nor-diol, nor-dione, etc. So the miniscule amount of nor prohormones would probably never amounted to much nandrolone in the body.