Ok let me fill you guys in on me. Im 18 years old 6’4 188 lbs. Ive been lifting for about 3 years and gained about 20 lbs(but i was underweight) in the first year and a half, but the last half year i havent really been making great gains despite hard work and good diet. Ive been thinking about taking steroids for sometime but i cant see myself doing it since im so young and i really dont have any connections for that type of thing anyway. I read some studys on andro, which make it seem not so promising. So anyway, ive started looking at prohormones to give me a little boost. What are your opinions on prohormones. Do they work? And if so which are a better fit for someone like me?
PS i dont really want to get huge i just want to be bigger and more athletic so i can dunk on some 7 foot folks. thanks for any help.

In my opinion, prohormones are a waste of money. Some of them can cause side effects similar to “the real deal” yet provide only 1/6th of the gains. I would wait a few years if I were you.

ROFL. Have you even looked around this site a little bit?

You’re right about the steroids. Very responsible thinking there.

Prohormones? You want MAG-10. You can find oodles of info about it around here, in the T&N Forum.

There’s been some good debating on this in the photo forum lately, “Looking to Start a Stack” I beleive is the name of the thread.

My thoughts:

Start with proven pro-hormones from legit companies (ie Mag-10) and experemint for a while, they function very similarly to an actual roid cycle and in most cases can be considered steroids. Learn, and learn more, then progress to gear. There’s no reason at all to ruch, and risk gyno, limp dick, or worse.

Mag-10 will supress end. t levels but other than that you’re not risking much as far as sides, and people have gained upward of 15+ lbs. lbm in two week cycles (bearing in mind they likely lost some of this post cycle).

Just some thoughts.

Steroids = Hormones
Prohormones = Hormones

You’re still young. Don’t do either.

Cheers =)

Second thought!

18!? Why are you even asking this question!? You’ve got some reading to do!

I’ll also say that between myself and friends we’ve tried pretty much any prohormone out there, some work fairly well but a bunch are just plain crap!

If what you want to do is not necessarily gain too much weight but be able to dunk over 7 footers, you don’t need roids or prohormones. What you need to do is build up your leg strength with heavy squats for low reps along with plyometric work and jump squats. I would also advise you to take the money you would have spent on prohormones and buy a good book/video on Olympic weightlifting. You only really need to learn the power versions of the Olympic lifts to increase athletic ability, but you still need to learn good technique to get the most out of the lifts. Olympic lifters as a group build incredible vertical jumping ability. Example: Shane Hammon, who is 5’9" and 365 lbs. (and some of that is fat, too) can dunk.

I’ve used every pro-hormone out there, starting with DHEA, andro, and even that crappy 5-diol. When mag-10, and the other “1-testosterone” products (i.e. pro-steroids)came out, the concept of legal steroids took a leap forward.

I have tried a lot of different steroids. Tren, winny, test, anadrol etc. and stacked them every which way. I always thought the supplement market would never be able to make a product that came close to the real thing. Six weeks ago I was shocked by a legal steroidal product called 4-hydroxytestosterone. I have never used a legal product that gave me the kind of “kick” this product gave. At first, I injected it, but it didn’t do much. Then, I mixed it with 80-proof liquor(don’t laugh), and put 6 ml in my mouth for 10 minutes as a sublingual. I did this twice a day, once in the morning, and once before the gym. This product gave me such a burst of energy and libido. I would go to the gym wanting to lift everthing in site, and bang every girl. I was an animal. I looked more pumped and more defined while on it. It felt almost like I was stacking winstrol and d-bol, with a halotestin-like agressive streak! The only negative is that my hair seemed to be falling to the floor like snow flurries.

Hey bros,

IMHO anyone under 24 and obviously underweight for their height is not doing themselves any sort of favor by introducing exogenous hormones.

Uzzy, get on a massive eating plan. Just by eating right, training smart, and getting adequate recovery (sleep & rest) you should be able to get your weight up to 220 or so within 6-8 months. Go to the T-mag homepage, click on “Frequently Asked Questions” and scroll down to How should I eat if I want to gain weight?" There you’ll find several detailed plans on what you need to do in terms of fueling the lbm gains you’re after.

At 18 you have the high levels of natural Testosterone that when combined with a surplus of calories and proper training will fuel rapid increases in muscle mass.

“PS i dont really want to get huge i just want to be bigger and more athletic so i can dunk on some 7 foot folks. thanks for any help”

Hey bro, it sounds like your goal is to be a great basketball player…Learn some good west side methods, chains, bands, max effort and dynamic effort and this will help your vertical. Try the vertical jump book over at Dave tate’s web site. I wouldn’t consider anabolics until you’re older or closer to becoming a pro. Even then you really need to evaluate how they’ll help you play better and learn as much as you can about them. I would avoid prohormones for now too. They do cause shut down and at your age I wouldn’t want that. I personally started steroids at 27 but had read about them since I was 15!! I’m not saying to wait til 27 but read a lot and I like most people to wait 'til at least 22 unless you can figure that steroids will make or break a million dollar athletic career. And in basketball, while i’m sure they are used, I think you can get by for a while on good talent and good training methods.

T-bone, were you taking anything else while on 4-hydroxytestosterone? The hair falling out is discouraging, from what I’ve read I didn’t think it would have that effect.

Macaijah? You have been posting threads on M-1-t for like the past month and talking about how much you like it. Then you just went and said prohormones are useless? Are you not concidering m-1-t a prohormone?

To bigarrow,
I was also using Red Kat (Eurycoma) from Biotest. My strength did not increase, but my intensity and sex drive did, and I also got REALLLLLLLY oily skin. I guess that’s what one should expect from boosting serum androgen levels in the blood.