Prohormones vs Steroids

Now that Prohormones will be illegal in the USA (not everywhere) they will undoubtably end up on the black market. Do you think people will be content to score Andro or as long as they are both illegal, will they go for the juice? What do you think? I always find these kind of government actions interesting, as they usually backfire. After 1/1/05, its time to head for Mexico…

Not trying to sound like a smartass, but I thought it was 1/20/05

am i wrong?

Maybe it is, I just know its first of the year! So what do you think?

I don’t watch much tv. But here’s my take. The average tard who goes into gnc and asks for some “andro” like he heard Mcguire was using when he hit all those homeruns, will not seek blackmarket gear. The legally / family/ morally obligated who felt ph use was ok since the Government said it was won’t go the the darkside either. As for the educated, serious lifter who was inclined to try to take his training to the next level beyond diet, rest, lifestyle ect. will most likely be disgusted by the hypocritcal pharmacy&government circle jerk and resort to the real thing.

As for blackmarket ph’s popping up? I doubt it. Not to sound unappreciative but nothing aside from 4-AD-EC was really all that worthwhile.Compared to what’s on the black market. But we’ll see.

I definately agree with you on that but there is gonna be alot of unsold 4-AD-EC and 19-Norandro sitting around waiting to “fall” onto a shelf in TJ. Anywhere there is a user of anything there is a market waiting to supply them. There is alot of middle-aged professionals that have buying this for a while and this ban is not going to stop them. Look at how many people around here “stocked up” on the final cases. People are gonna still be able to buy this, its just not gonna be GNC anymore.