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Prohormones to Front Load AAS

My Friend wants to start an Injectable cycle, this week with me. Problem is he will just be finishing up a cycle of Alpha 1 MAX, Saturday being his last dose. (Sunday would be first pin) He was doing 60mg/day off that Pro for the length of the bottle. (3weeks approx). He was doing .5mg anastrozole the whole time as well. The Main question is should he wait a few weeks and do a mini PCT before jumping into an injectable cycle of the followings dose? I told him to wait but he asked me to post and get some other advice.

The injectable cycle the two of us would be doing is:

500mg/wk Test E 1-16
50mg/EOD Tren ace 3-6 then bump to 75m/EOD 7-12
100mg/EOD Mast prop 3-12

I will be taking:
Mk 677 25mg/ED (pre bed)
GW 501516 10mg/ED (AM Dose)

Anastrozole 1mg/EOD
Letro on deck

Tomoxifen 1mg/ED 18-26
Anastrozole 1mg/EOD 16-26
HCG ~~ Maybe

is this the first steroid cycle for either of you, or have you both run cycles before?

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Hey Flip,

This would be his first Injectable cycle.

I have done 2 cycles of Sust/EQ 600mg/wk and had great results both times

He has done 3 oral cycles (pros and sarms)

why the hell are you having him running Tren A for his first cycle? That’s idiotic. That’s WAAAAAAAY too much gear for a first cycle. You’re having him run a gram of total gear per week, and you’re including the strongest compound out there.

Also, you have the Tamoxifen dosing wrong. I can promise you don’t actually mean 1mg. And it should be dosed every day, not every other day.

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My bad, About the tamoxifen I meant 1mL or 20mg. Last two times for PCT i did the 20mg/ED but I was also doing HCG the last time, But I didn’t notice a huge difference with or without the HCG. But hey I am in no way an expert. So if you have a better PCT protocol please let me know. I have no issues getting what I need. I was doing the Anastrozole EOD the Tamoxifen ED

I am not having him do anything. I told him not to do Tren off the rip, but he insists. Maybe hearing it from a third party will change his mind.

Thank you for the responses! I am hoping he will listen and not do Tren but hey its his body :sweat: