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Prohormones - The Next Generation?


There have been a number of supposedly Prohormone replacement products that have hit the market recently, such as Superdrol, Orastan-E, Methyl 1P, 17 Hydroxy Mesterone.....
Are any of these, or others, any good?
How do they compare with Prohormones?


I'd like to bump this question.

Some guys at my gym have started taking 17-hydroxy-mesterone, and their strength and vascularity have increased dramatically in a very short time. I'd like to try it but I rely on T-Nation for information, and no one has ever mentioned it.
I know some will see the ingredients (wild yam, etc) and say it's shit, but I have seen a huge difference in my gym buddies' performance. Any opinions?


I read several articles that disproved all the myths about plant sterols including yams and green tomato extract saying they had absolutly no function in the human body and couldn't be utilized. But who knows.


everyone seems to like SD as long as proper pct is used.


Just got a shipment of halodrol-50, orastan-e, and novadex in the mail today. Will post some stats and pics along the way when I start the stack.(providing I can get the pics on here it usually never lets me? Any help?) Right now I am 33yrs old weigh about 230lbs and am 6"3". I can bench around 330lbs, I can deadlift about 365 and do not have a true squat max but can do 615 on leg presses for reps. All in all not great stats but hopefully a good place to start.


you sound strong muscle, cept your legs, they sound very very week, 600 is not alot for leg press at all.


yeah, need a lot of work with my legs. Developed scoliosis in my lower spine when i was younger and now i am dealing with a bulging disk so squatting was always very painful to me. Do not want to make any excusses though, gotta blame it on lack of effort on my part! Always did have trouble putting size on my legs though, they are pretty long and no matter what i seemed to do for them they would just cut up (especially my calves) Any suggestions?


keep us informed :slightly_smiling:
and which is your target? and bf?


If you guys will take a few moments to search this site (and the internet) you will find that superdrol, for one, is not a prohormone...IT IS A DESIGNER STEROID!! That being said, proceed with caution, but don't try to tell people you are "all natural" or "steroid-free" if you use this product. Same goes for Haladrol 50 and Methyl 1-P, to name a couple.


Yeah-it's fine if you use PCT. Don't believe the hype about being fine with Rebound XT. For real prohormones, you would not need PCT but would be fine with a natural T-booster afterwards like Alpha Male or rebound XT.


Not quite sure what my bf% is never had it tested. Not to heavy at all except maybe a little extra baggage in the love handle region :). Would like to get my bench to about 365 , deads to about 400 and increase overall leg strengh. Probably shooting for maybe around a 15-20 lb increase in all my other lifts. Not getting any younger so I'm trying to keep these realistic. Also hoping to tack another inch onto my arms, they're probably a good 181/2 now so 191/2 - 20 would be where i'm at goal wise. Gonna start throwing in about 20 min every other day cardio to loose a little handle but its mainly all about the size right now!!


if halodrol-50 or superdrol is not really a prohormone, would it be alright to take if u were a teenager then?


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How badly do you want bitch tits?

Really, I mean it.

I've heard a lot about delayed gyno from Superdrol, up to months after the user has completed FULL PCT they're showing signs of man boobs.

Stay away from it.


Wow, I had to do everything not to tear this guy a new asshole...


You can try more single leg work to avoid heavier loads on your back...bulgarian split squats to name just one...you can try some iso stuff also with an emphasis on time under tension...belt squats would be great if you can get the equipment - should be no load on your back at all with the belt squats.


Well, I think even using the term "designer steroid" would be giving these people who sell these steroids, too much credit. First, they're not unknown androgens which have never been created previously (as was the case of THG, a true designer steroid), rather these guys are simply looking up exotic looking androgens in Vida's book, contacting the Chinese and sending them the structure. There's nothing "innovative" about it and requires zero knowledge. It's also ridiculous to attempt to sell them as "supplements" as they most certainly aren't naturally occurring. It's because of this that the FDA has recently begun to investigate these people selling these products as they're essentially selling unapproved drugs, not dietary supplements.

My problem however is that these are androgens that were never studied toxicologically to any extent. I think that much of the preaching over the years about the idea that anabolic steroids can be used safely (which they can) has led many to misunderstand the notion and believe to think that all androgens are these completely innocuous compounds, which they most certainly are not. The anabolic steroids which made it to the market within the U.S. or other countries were studied for selectivity prior to human use. That is, they've evaluated activity at the progesterone receptor, mineralcorticoid receptor, estrogen receptor and glucocorticoid receptor, to ensure unwanted adverse effects are not a major issue. I think people take this for granted and believe that any androgen is going to be selective and not have this problem. This is not unique only to the study of androgens, but steroidal aromatase inhibitors and really in any situation where the therapeutic compound is going to be a steroid or any compound that may cross-react with other receptors aside from that being targeted. Having a steroid which has activity at the MR for example, could have some serious adverse effects. Anecdotally, I've seen some reports in the past of people stating that a certain "designer steroid" had a diuretic effect. Well, I hope this doesn't come as a shock, but anabolic steroids should not be acting as a diuretic! Yet I've commonly seen people tell others that that's "normal" and nothing to worry about. Well, anabolic steroids do not act as diuretics, much the opposite in fact. If one were, that might be indicating that the steroid in question is acting as an MR antagonist. That's not something to be scoffed at either. I've also seen other reports that fit in with this...headaches, lethargy, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting and it could easily be worse, in some cases resulting in very serious adverse effects, potentially cardiac arrhythmia.

Then, and I don't know which is worse, you also have these people selling progestins, not androgens, on the most ridiculous and incorrect reasoning I've come across. They claim that nandrolone, trenbolone, oxymetholone, and so forth are "progestins" and hence their reasoning is sound. Unfortunately, not one of those steroids are progestins, not structurally nor pharmacologically, rather they are ANDROGENS. Yes, some may coincidentally have some weak progestational activity, but this has nothing to do with their anabolic activity. Progestins have been used to treat cachexia (due to increasing appetite) but the "mass" gained is all fat mass with a small amount of edema. Don't take my word for it, search for studies on megestrol as that's FDA approved for treatment of AIDS related cachexia. One could also look at the effects of medroxyprogesterone, another progestin, though it's used as a contraceptive (Provera) and see that it again does not have beneficial effects upon body composition. To add further to that, one is taking on a number of risks using progestins. Thromboembolism, suppressed endogenous testosterone production, decreased libido, gynecomastia, edema and hypertension as well as negative changes in blood lipids, etc.
The only potential benefit, and the reason why one would gain weight (albeit all fat mass) is that they may stimulate appetite. So in summary, the benefits are that you can increase appetite, produce a gain in weight that is almost exclusively fat mass, and suffer those potential adverse effects I discussed previously.


Those sons of bitches are gonna ruin it for us. Pretty soon the FDA will crack down on everything.

I urge all of you to boycott all of these BS supplements.


I fuckin' hate Orestan E! I blame Orestan E for my fucked-up shoulder! It made my joints feel so dry and achey. It felt like Winstrol times a hundred! Every joint in my body hurt- my hips, my knees, my elbows. And my shoulder hasn't been right since, and this was over 6 months ago. It wasn't a coincidence either, because the same shit happened both times I used that shit!


as far as the effectiveness of these products go, never underestimate the power of the placebo effect.