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ProHormones - Testosterone

hey all,

i am 17 years old male and been hitting the gym for about a year (3-4 times a week) i am a smooth guy, i mean all of my friends has legs and facial hair and i only have a little of it. also, my upper body fats are easily accumlate. i have been thinking lately that i am low on Testosterone’s level which result in my muscle not so definded. (i know body fat would also affect this) but i am thinking of taking some prohormones product, BUT they have negative side effects don’t they? any suggestions or views?


Don’t mess with aas/Ph/PS yet you are to young…Insted go to the Dr. You can have your blood drawn and they can check your levels and advise you afterwards…

I wouldnt use any sort of AAS/PH yet. Post what your diet looks like, and how you train, for better advice. You have to be patient, you are not going to get huge overnight. If you are worried about your test levels, like dave said, go see a DR.

Bumping the doctor advice…if you really have a T-problem, then now is the time to get a handle on it. If your doctor feels that you indeed have a low T count, then he can prescribe T-replacement for you.

Make sure you’re eating plenty of protein, though! Best way to grow is to eat BIG!

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Good luck

cheers for the input guys, i think i will go and check with my doctor.


I was in the same position as you about a year ago…I also largely based my slow hormonal progression around my friends’ facial hair, especially sideburns. I mean one of the guys I know is 16 and he has more facial hair than most men. One of the guys at my gym also has a ton of facial hair and he is 15;which my training buddies believe is largely attributed to anabolic use. However one of my buddies has no leg hair, we’re talking bald here;it is merely a genetic trait of his family. You have to look at family members for comparison. For example when I was in your predicament last year I looked towards my big brother and realised that he didn’t begin to get insane sideburns and goatee potential until he hit 20 or so. So go talk to your family members about it but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. As for the body fat I’m with the other guys, you need to post your diet and training regimen.

well, my bro doesn’t really have side burn, but surely he has got legs hair when he was like 15, 16. so this is where leading me to think i am low on test level.